SIHGA® is known for innovations in the field of fixing technology and terrace construction. Sturdy terrace fixings are of great importance to ensure that the terrace is secure and provides lasting support. SIHGA® therefore offers many different methods for fixing decking boards - from visible terrace fixings, concealed solutions and terrace substructures to structural wood protection. Professional planning, for example with the free SIHGA® terrace planner, ensures that the terrace is robust and durable.
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Fixing types: Visible and invisible terrace fixings

Each type of terrace fixing has its advantages. Here is a summary of the various fixing options available.

Visible terrace fixing systems

The innovative screws from SIHGA® for visible terrace fixing reduce splitting and cracking in almost all wooden decking boards. The newly developed product Alu-TeFix® is available in two versions - made of hardened, rust-free stainless steel and in A2 quality. Pre-drilling or pre-sinking is not necessary. This makes assembly much easier and faster.
The advantages of visible terrace fixings a glance:
  • time-saving
  • simple installation
  • low-cost procurement
  • reduced splitting and cracking

Invisible terrace fixing

With the SenoFix® FT screw and connector system, decking boards can be screwed together invisibly. The aim of the invisible terrace fixing is to ensure a beautiful appearance as well as a long service life of the terrace. The decking boards are screwed into the joint or from below, which means that no screws are visible on the top of the boards. This considerably prolongs the durability of the terrace and reduces rotting due to weathering. The invisible decking fixing also provides better support, but still allows the decking boards to work naturally without the fixing warping or coming loose.
The advantages of invisible terrace fixings a glance:
  • appealing look
  • long service life
  • reduced rotting
  • firm grip

Fixing for the terrace substructure

Timber is being used more and more frequently in terrace construction due to its excellent properties. As a specialist in timber construction, SIHGA® therefore presents innovative rail systems with which wooden decking boards can be easily installed. SIHGA® is offering a new development in the area of terrace substructures, among other things, with the TefaFix® T rail system. The system, which was developed for fixing wooden boards, offers a firm grip, efficient water drainage and good ventilation of the entire terrace.

Terrace fixing with structural wood protection

Outdoor terraces are permanently exposed to the elements. Structural wood protection is therefore an indispensable measure to prevent rot, fungus and algae infestation. With TerrassenFix Air® and TerrassenFix Aqua® SIHGA® offers two aluminium profiles as a drainage grid and ventilation element. This will prevent the wood of the terrace from weathering, ensure sufficient ventilation and allow good water drainage.

Free terrace planning with the SIHGA® planning software

As a fixing specialist in timber construction, SIHGA® offers specialist companies new online planning software for terrace planning. This makes individual planning and ordering of all necessary products for terrace construction quick and straightforward. The free 3D planning software enables the construction of different terraces as well as the adaptation to different substrates and surrounding conditions. After planning, specialist companies receive the exact material quantities including drawn-up installation plans and can order the products directly in the web shop.

Buy terrace fixings at SIHGA®

The terrace fixing package from SIHGA® consists of high-quality, HFA-tested (Holzforschung Austria) systems with high quality, safety and reliability. Each product is easy to assemble and guarantees a durable construction as well as a permanently attractive appearance. With the accessories included, assembly can be carried out quickly and safely.

Frequently asked questions about terrace fixings:

The type of terrace fixing has a major influence on the terrace's appearance and significantly affects the overall appearance of the outdoor area. The various terrace fixing systems from SIHGA® offer a wide range of advantages. The invisible fixing, for example, scores with its clear and modern lines and blends inconspicuously into its surroundings. It is therefore advisable to choose the type of fixing carefully when building a terrace to ensure that it fits harmoniously into the outdoor area.

When installing decking boards, there is the option of concealed or visible screw fixings. The visible screw connection is the traditional method and requires less time during assembly. Here, the boards are simply fixed to the substructure with screws, and the screw heads remain visible. With special systems from SIHGA®, however, the terrace can also be fixed invisibly. This offers the advantage that the screws are protected from the weather, thus extending the life of the terrace.

One essential factor when using timber outdoors is structural wood protection. Especially with decking boards, always make sure that a spacer is used between the boards and the substructure. This provides adequate ventilation and allows moisture to dry off quickly.

It is crucial to maintain the correct spacing between decking boards as wood has a tendency to shrink and expand due to the absorption and release of water. For this reason, there should be a minimum distance of 4-5 millimetres between the boards, even in damp conditions.