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SIHGA® Partner Program

Discover our exclusive package options! Choose between Silver, Gold or Platinum and experience customized benefits that perfectly fit your needs. Our  Monitorix system partner brochure offers you detailed insights into each option. Become a partner today and start your journey to even greater success!




The way to the partner

What needs to be done?

  • Login / Registration
  • Internal audit at SIHGA®
  • Partner contract
  • Purchase of basic equipment/start-up equipment: SIHGA® Monitorix® demo case and basic training*
  • Induction training
  • Issue of the certificate
  • Listing as SIHGA® Monitorix® partner on

Only those who are courageous and break new ground will succeed in changing the world!

* The training takes place at the SIHGA® Academy with at least 1 participant and costs € 989.00. The demo case alone costs € 789.00 → the new partner then receives his certificate and is listed. The new partner does not have to place an initial order and receives the SIHGA Monitorix sensor strips and various marketing documents, e.g. flyers/handouts, free of charge.

Your advantages as a partner

Being a trendsetter

As a SIHGA® Monitorix® partner, you are part of the innovative building technology system that continuously sets market trends in products and and services.

Attractive partner discounts

You receive attractive purchase discounts on our extensive product range. product range. Benefit from attractive discount campaigns on selected new products and much more.

Strong brand

You are part of a strong brand that has positive associations on the market. brand with positive associations on the market, which becomes becomes better known and "stronger".

Strong innovations

Our products are developed, carefully packaged and repeatedly tested in Austria. packaged and tested many times over.

Ongoing support

Information about our newsletter, website, online store, personal support, webinars, events and presentations, training courses on new topics and product services and much more - by our specialists at the SIHGA® Academy® and Technicians on Tour.

By professionals for professionals


SIHGA® offers innovative construction technology with support for the future. with support for the future

Strong for our customers

SIHGA® regards every customer as a partner and supplies trade, specialist retailers and industry. Our engineers offer design proposals, support with implementation, provide on-site training and organize specialist seminars. Our innovations are supplied in customized system packaging.

Together strong and secure

We focus on service - use the all-inclusive services to your advantage. all-inclusive services to your advantage.

Marketing and Sales


From start-up marketing to ongoing marketing campaigns and actions, campaigns and much more.


Opportunities for growth

We still have big plans in German-speaking countries. Secure your home region and join us in your area to become the the "local hero" of moisture monitoring with us.

High planning security

All products in our complete solution we give a guarantee.

Quality - without compromise

Current awards (such as the Digitalos Award in the "Digital Transformation" category and the Upper Austrian Craftsmanship Award from the WKOÖ in the the category "Innovation & Digitalization") and ongoing positive customer feedback.

Our vision


We are setting new standards in timber construction


Our mission


We make timber construction safer, more efficient and more attractive

Our values

We are trustworthy, environmentally conscious, human, visionary, professional and customer-centric

Strong products - made in Austria

SIHGA® is a family business based in Gmunden, Upper Austria. Gmunden in Upper Austria. Fasteners from the company SIHGA® are today the preferred choice of many commercial and increasingly and increasingly also private users in German-speaking Europe.

Opportunities for new business areas

Are you already an entrepreneur or active in the construction sector? Open up with SIHGA® Monitorix® additional market opportunities and new business areas. new business areas.

SIHGA® Academy - training guaranteed

Training and further education from our SIHGA® specialists - and much more. and much more.


>> Zurich bonus: Favorable building insurance premiums as part of homeowners insurance * You can find more information on Zurich insurance solutions at

>> Free service from SOLUTO (optional on completion of purchase)
  • SOLUTO is also alerted in the event of damage
  • Contact within 3 hours
  • Evaluation of the damage
  • Restoration and settlement with the insurance company
  • More about SOLUTO at

>> Chargeable installation by SOLUTO possible

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