The original bit system from SIHGA®! That’s how to recognise a winner.

SIHGAFIX® is the world's first bit system with Quadro holder for super-convenient, adapter-free use in
  • Cordless screwdrivers
  • Impact wrenches
  • Drill chucks
  • Bit holders
Standard length: 60 mm
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With our screw bits you don't give rust a chance.

SIHGAFIX® is made of hardened, stainless steel and is therefore the only way to exclude extraneous rust that occurs when screwing stainless steel screws. And thus also avoid expensive follow-up costs.

With SIHGAFIX® you'll get that screw out. And in!

SIHGA® screwdriver bits offer a wide range of advantages for timber construction:
  • specially developed for screwing into wood
  • extremely high strength values and service life thanks to vacuum ice hardening
  • precision-milled drive zone - ensuring a perfect fit
  • also available in high-alloy tool steel

Colour coding system and special sizes

Thanks to the practical SIHGAFIX® colour coding system, each bit size is immediately recognisable at first glance.
SIHGA® also offers DUO bits with longer dimensions to meet the special requirements of timber construction:
  • DUO-Bit TX 30, 150 mm length
  • DUO-Bit TX 40, 150, 200 and 350 mm length
  • DUO-Bit TX 50, 150 mm length

SIHGA® feature & YOUR benefits


Length 60 mm / 77 mm
screws even into deep grooves without any problems

made of hardened stainless steel
prevents the formation of extraneous rust during screwing operations

vacuum ice-hardened
for extreme stability and a long tool life

precision-milled drive zone
perfect fit

made in Germany
German, tested workmanship for reliable quality

Colour coding system
each bit size is recognisable at the first glance


Lenghts 150, 200 und 350 mm
tailored to the requirements of timber construction

double Torx drive
for twice the service life

made in Europe
European, tested workmanship for reliable quality

Colour coding system
each bit size is recognisable at first glance

Frequently asked questions about the SIHGAFIX® bit system:

A bit (also called a screw bit) is a small, replaceable tool used in screwdrivers or screwdriving machines. It is used to insert or remove screws into or from wood, metal or other materials. The bit is made of hardened steel and is available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of screws. There are bits for slotted, Phillips, Pozidrive, Torx and other screw heads.

The SIHGAFIX® bit system offers numerous advantages. Using the bits can increase efficiency in screwdriving work and reduce the risk of damage to screws and workpieces through better force transmission. The risk of injury from slipping on screw heads is also minimised. The screwdriver bits are compatible with various screwdriver handles and machines. By using the screw bits, this avoids the need to change screwdrivers and thus saves time and space. In addition, the bits are available in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of different screws and applications.

To take full advantage of a screwdriver bit, it is important to bear in mind that not all screwdriver bits are the same. There are significant differences, especially in steel core hardness and coating, which play an important role in the selection. To avoid rapid wear, you have to choose the right bit that is matched to the material being worked on, because enormous forces are exerted on the bit during screwing.