Terrace fixing visible

Without pre-drilling or pre-sinking, cracks or splits can occur when fastening screws in wooden floorboards. SIHGA® counteracts this problem with its intelligent screws for visible terrace fixing made of hardened, stainless steel. The SIHGA® terrace fixing eliminates splitting and cracking in almost all hardwoods and thermowoods. No pre-drilling or pre-sinking is required. This makes assembly much easier and faster.
The range includes products for the visible fixing of decking boards, each of which has been tested by Holzforschung Austria (HFA). The high-quality products are therefore easy to install and ensure a long-lasting construction as well as a permanently beautiful appearance of the terrace.
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Visibly fixing decking boards

SIHGA® offers various systems for fixing decking boards, but they all have one thing in common: They are quick and easy to install and ensure that the terrace lasts as long as possible.
Whichever visible fastening system from SIHGA® you choose, the decking screws come with many advantages. With the appropriate spacer for the boards, you ensure an even distance and maintain the required distance to the substructure for optimised ventilation of the terrace.

Visible terrace decking fixing from SIHGA®

All fixings from SIHGA® required for the construction of a terrace are HFA-approved. Accordingly, the products for timber construction all feature superlative quality, maximum safety and the highest reliability.
The screws are made of hardened, stainless steel and are therefore particularly suitable for outdoor applications such as the fixing of decking boards. Splitting and cracking is excluded with almost all hardwoods and thermowoods and all accessories for installation, including SIHGAFIX®, Systemstift® and installation instructions, are included.
  • Advantages of the visible terrace fixing system from SIHGA®:
  • time-saving
  • low-cost procurement
  • simple installation
  • long service life
  • reduced splitting and cracking
  • wide range of applications

Visible terrace fixing with Alu-TeFix®

Alu-TeFix® for visible fixing is available in two versions:
made from high-quality, rust-free stainless steel: Fixes wood to TefaFix® T without pre-drilling or pre-sinking.
in A2 quality: Fixes wood to aluminium (except SymbioFix® SFT) without pre-drilling or pre-sinking. This version is particularly suitable for woods with a high tannin content.
The special geometry of the screw minimises the risk of cracking and splitting in almost all hardwoods and thermowoods. The drilling wing pre-drills the decking boards with 6 mm and prevents the boards from lifting during the screwing process. When penetrating the aluminium, the drill wings then break off.
SIHGA® tip: When used in combination with woods with a high tannin content (such as cumaru, oak, robinia, garapa, etc.), we recommend the Alu-TeFix® in A2 or L-BohrFix® MB A4.

TeFix® terrace decking screws

For fixing wood to wood, the intelligent stainless steel screw TeFix® from SIHGA® is the best choice, creating a rust-free and extremely break-resistant fixing. With this wood screw, simple and clean board fixing can be achieved without pre-drilling and pre-sinking, and the formation of cracks and gaps is prevented in almost all wood joints.
On the one hand, the screw has a specially designed friction shaft. This pre-drills the plank with five millimetres and ensures that the wood can swell and shrink. On the other hand, TeFix® has the SIHGA® multi-stage head. This is particularly thin and equipped with saw-tooth ribs so that displacement or splintering of the wood is avoided.
In terrace construction, the TeFix® is ideally used in combination with our structural wood protection. This creates sufficient space between the planks and thus ensures good ventilation as well as a long service life of the screw and wood.
SIHGA® tip: In combination with our structural wood protection KompeFix® II KF, it is the perfect solution.

Free SIHGA® planning software for terrace planning

In addition to innovative products, SIHGA® also offers user-friendly software for terrace planning. This enables simple and fast planning and ordering of all required products by linking to the web shop. With the free 3D planning software, you receive detailed information on the material quantities of wood, substructure and fixings required, as well as drawn-up installation plans for your project after planning.

Frequently asked questions about visible terrace fixings:

When fixing your decking boards, be sure to use rustproof screws so that the wood does not discolour and the screws last as long as possible despite all weather conditions. For this reason, SIHGA® offers screws made of hardened, stainless steel that are robust and unbreakable.

With wooden boards, holes should usually be pre-drilled so that the wood does not crack or the screw head break off when the screw is screwed in. However, SIHGA® impresses with innovative screws made of stainless steel which are extremely break-resistant and, thanks to their sophisticated shape, avoid displacement or splintering of the wood without pre-drilling or pre-sinking.
With a suitable spacer, you ensure that the boards are laid at a sufficient distance and that the boards are well ventilated.

The screw should be between 15 mm and 25 mm from the lateral edge of the board. The distance to the end of the board should be between 50 and 100 mm. Please refer to the assembly instructions enclosed in the package for the exact details of the terrace construction.