product information

SIHGA® tip
Observe drilling table, we recommend using the TerrassenFix® Template TFS.
pre-drilling and counter sinking in one step
saves at least 50 % working time
developed, patented and made in Austria
local quality, experience from more than 14 years of terrace construction included
drill and counter sinker are made from hardened stainless steel
prevents corrosion/rust from external sources on the terrace, also in the case of any abrasion of the drill
integrated depth stop
gives a uniform finish to the sinking, prevents sink holes and thus damp patches
for SIHGA® stainless steel screws L-GoFix® MS, L-BohrFix® MB (A4) and Alu-BohrFix®
the precise match for these screws creates a uniform surface
stop ribs on the end
prevent ugly contact traces on the terrace surface
with a second change ring and re-closable system packaging
extends the life of the counter sinker, protects against damage
drill depth including sinker 25 mm
the geometry optimally transports the drill dust out