Innovations in timber construction

In recent years, timber construction has developed into a modern and sustainable building method. With innovative solutions and technologies, new possibilities are constantly opening up in timber construction. SIHGA® is the leading specialist for fastening technology in timber construction and is continuously engaged in the development of new products and systems. Through constant innovation, SIHGA® strives to accelerate construction progress while increasing safety on the construction site. Discover the latest innovations in timber construction that help to further advance timber construction.


Compared to other building materials, wood offers a variety of advantages that make it an extremely attractive building material. On the one hand, wood scores points for its sustainability. As a renewable raw material, wood is CO2-neutral and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, wood gives buildings a natural and warm atmosphere and ensures a healthy indoor climate

In addition to these ecological aspects, wood is also convincing on a structural level. Wood has excellent static properties and at the same time is lighter than many other building materials. This makes flexible and efficient constructions possible. In addition, wood can be processed quickly, which accelerates construction progress, saves time as well as costs, and allows a high degree of design freedom. From residential buildings to bridges and public buildings - wood is used in almost all areas of construction

However, for a wooden structure to be safe and stable, the choice of the right fastening is crucial. This is where the expertise of SIHGA® comes into play. As a specialist for fastening technology in timber construction, SIHGA® develops innovative solutions that ensure reliable and durable fastening of timber components. Through continuous research and development, existing products are constantly refined to meet the increasing requirements in timber construction. With its many years of experience and existing expertise, SIHGA® is helping to further advance wood as the building material of the future.


SIHGA® focuses on sustainability, quality and safety to make timber construction even more efficient, stable and attractive. Because wood is not only a traditional material, but also the building material of the future. SIHGA® is your reliable partner when it comes to fastening solutions in timber construction. 

Our product innovations set standards in terms of quality, efficiency and safety. From innovative fastening solutions to special timber connectors and intelligent early warning systems - we offer you a wide range of innovative fastening technologies

Our latest products are characterized by their easy handling and high load-bearing capacity. They enable fast and reliable assembly while ensuring long-term and secure fastening of wooden components. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is continuously working on the further development of our product lines in order to always offer you the best possible solutions for your individual requirements. We are also happy to provide you with expert advice and support in the selection and application of our innovative products. Discover the product innovations in fastening technology from SIHGA® and benefit from the advantages of our innovative solutions. Together we are shaping the future of timber construction.


Wood construction is currently experiencing a revolution driven by ecological and digital innovations. The new approaches from SIHGA® are not only changing the way we deal with wood as a building material, but also the entire construction industry.

In the field of ecological innovations, the sustainable fastening solutions in timber construction have prevailed. SIHGA® focuses on durable and safe solutions to make timber constructions as ecological as possible. At the same time, SIHGA® digital innovations are taking timber construction to a new level. By using modern technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the moisture monitoring system, construction projects can be planned, designed and implemented more efficiently. Moisture damage is detected at an early stage and digitally localized to avoid expensive damage. 

The combination of ecological and digital innovations has made timber construction a forward-looking and sustainable building method. Through the increased use of wood and the integration of digital tools, we can build more resource-efficiently, shorten construction time and improve the quality of buildings. Wood construction is thus not only an alternative to conventional building materials, but also a driving force for the construction industry's transformation toward sustainability and efficiency.


Innovative fastening technology in timber construction refers to various systems and techniques for securely fastening timber components to wood, concrete or brick. Fasteners such as screws, nails, bolts, adhesives or post supports are used to reinforce or reliably connect components. The correct application and selection of the fastening solution play a decisive role in ensuring the stability and safety of buildings and structures.

SIHGA® is characterized by a variety of innovations in the field of wood construction. The company attaches great importance to developing products and systems that meet the current needs and requirements of the market. The focus is on quality, safety and sustainability

One of the outstanding features of SIHGA® innovations is their high functionality. The products are designed to enable efficient and reliable fastening of wooden components. Modern technologies and materials are used to ensure optimal performance. In addition, SIHGA® innovations are characterized by their high precision. The products are carefully developed and tested to ensure that they meet high quality standards. This is the only way to ensure a safe and stable wooden construction.