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Pick Out
Simplifies the load suspension of timber components

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Pick Out - the helper for assembly work

Working with heavy components increases the risk of accidents on the construction site - especially at height, this can have serious consequences. Unhooking heavy timber components in this setting is a dangerous activity. With the new Pick Out system for load handling attachments, SIHGA® has succeeded in developing an intelligent addition to the proven Pick load handling attachment. In addition to the semi-automatic release process and the fast removal time, the sophisticated technology ensures above all increased safety when unhooking the load.

SIHGA® Pick Out for SIHGA® Pick

The newly developed Pick Out system is an extension for the proven Pick load handling attachment, with the help of which the lifting system can now be removed from the load in an uncomplicated manner. The accessory enables quick and safe unhooking of timber components at dizzying heights without people having to go up.

Advantages of the Pick Out

In combination with the Pick, the system ensures increased safety when assembling timber components. Thanks to the semi-automated release process, the risk of injury to workers when removing the load handling attachment is significantly reduced and the removal time is significantly shortened.
With the SIHGA® Pick Out system, you benefit from Austrian quality - sustainably and without loss of quality. The purely mechanical component is also approved by the TÜV and requires very little maintenance. Field reports provide certainty about the system's function and suitability.

Time saved by suspending the load without manual assistance

When the load is set down, the shackle falls by gravity into the removal position, whereupon the Pick Out system is removed by lifting it again. This drastically shortens the Pick removal time and drastically reduces the risk of injury to workers on site.

Advantages of the PICK OUT

Shorter removal time

Austrian quality

Sustainable without loss of quality

Saves time and money



Reduced risk of injury for employees


The Pick Out load handling device can be quickly and easily mounted on the existing Pick and is thus suitable for lifting board plywood, glulam and solid timber. The new development is particularly impressive thanks to the semi-automated release process, which bypasses the removal process at height. This is because with the Pick Out system, the Pick can - through the skill of the crane operator - be easily removed from the load. This not only significantly shortens the Pick removal time, but the risk of injury for workers on site is also reduced, as no personal intervention is necessary.

This is how simple it is to use the Pick Out
  1. To ensure lifting of heavy timber components, the Pick must be inserted into the Pick Out system.
  2. After it contacts the flat surface of the Pick Out clamp, the clamping screw is tightened.
  3. The supplied shackle is then attached using the enclosed square spanner.
  4. The system is then ready to be attached to the load. For fastening to the timber loads to be carried, the Pick must be sunk into the suitable drill hole up to the stop of the base ring. Only a blind hole with a diameter of 50 millimetres and a depth of 70 millimetres is required for lifting. The visual quality of the surfaces is therefore not impaired, and no fixing screws are required.

Thanks to the rubber straps attached to the crane chains, permanent tension is applied to the lifting system to ensure that even in turbulence, the shackle always remains in the correct position. Both the lifting and the hovering process take place as usual. The Sihga Pick can be easily removed from the load with the Pick Out load handling device. When the load is set down, the shackle falls by gravity into the removal position, whereupon the Pick Out system is removed by lifting it again.


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