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The SIHGA Pick family has grown: The Pick Max® load handling attachment, developed and patented in Austria, sets new standards for lifting heavy components such as cross-laminated timber, glulam and solid wood. With an impressive payload of 2,400 kg per lifting point, the Pick Max® not only offers maximum performance, but also quality and reliability.

Safe lifting thanks to innovative drilling technology

Using the Pick Max is as simple as it is safe. A blind hole with a diameter of 50 mm and a depth of 140 mm anchors the load handling attachment securely. Thanks to the Pick Max drill HMB, a precise drilling depth is guaranteed and the drill hole axis is aligned exactly at the required 90 degrees to the surface of the component. The visible quality of the surfaces remains intact as no fastening screws are required. 

Versatility and easy handling 

The Pick Max® not only impresses with its impressive load capacity, but also with its versatility. It can be used on the face side from a panel thickness of 100 mm, on the panel side or on the transverse timber side for beams of all types. It is easy to attach in a few simple steps, without time-consuming alignment of the lifting gear. The system minimizes safety risks and has been tested in various areas of application and environmental conditions. 

Low-maintenance and durable 

Pick Max® has a low-maintenance design and can be inspected annually together with your personal protective equipment in accordance with the German Work Equipment Ordinance. With an impressive 16,000 load cycles and TÜV-approved safety, it offers not only performance but also durability. The avoidance of safety risks and the wide range of possible applications make the Pick Max® the first choice for woodworkers and construction professionals. 

Quality in a system case 

For optimum ease of use and storage, Pick Max® is supplied in a practical system case. The case not only contains two Pick Max® load handling attachments, but also shackles, the matching drill bit with drill bell, a set of HMB replacement indexable inserts with screws, an Allen key and detailed operating instructions. This ensures that the system is always ready to hand and can be stored clean and dry.

Pick Max®

The pioneer for effortless lifting - robust, reliable, strong


High payload

Versatile and safe application

Visual quality of the surfaces is maintained

Low maintenance

Long service life

Minimization of the workload

Tested safety


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