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SIHGA® tip
Der Expandix (bestehend aus 2 Gummibändern mit Schlaufen und 4 Schäkeln) ist ein praktisches Verhebehilfsmittel, der das Schwingen der Pick und Pick Max® beim Lösevorgang dämpft.

load attachment for lifting glued laminated timber, glued cross laminate timber and solid timber
capacity up to 2400 kg per fastening point

made, developed and patented in Austria from high-quality steel
local quality and reliability, Q&T steel for permanent, robust long life lift

Pick Max Drill HMB can be combined with the IdeFix® Drill Bell IBG
simple, safe adherence to the drilling depth, exact drilling under 90°.

safe and simple attachment
attached in a few simple steps, no alignment of the sling required

versatile application
face side (from panel thickness of 100 mm), panel side or cross-laminated side for beams of all types

Annual inspection possible together with personal protective equipment in accordance with the Work Equipment Ordinance

long service life
16,000 load cycles

safety tested – accompanied by TÜV
avoidance of safety risks, diverse application areas and ambient conditions tested


  • Payload up to 2400 kg per lashing
  • Versatile use: on the face side, panel side or cross-laminated side for beams of all types
  • The visual quality of the surfaces is not damaged, no fastening screws required
  • Easy and secure attachment, no alignment required
  • Tested safety - accompanied by the TÜV

Instructions for use

The Pick Max® wedges itself so solidly into the borehole that 2,400 kg of payload can be lifted per attachment point.

Pick Max in the endurance test

Report from the test at the TIZ Grieskirchen test institute

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