SIHGA system case

The SIHGA® system case contains samples of all SIHGA® innovations in the field of system bolts, system connectors and lifting gear. The clear, high-quality product presentation in combination with the SIHGA® catalogue offers all information at a glance. The products complement each other perfectly and the tools, accessories and aids are available together in a case so they are handy and space-saving.

SIHGA® system case for SKS screw and wood connector systems

No matter what the project is in timber construction, SIHGA® has the right products for your plans. With SIHGA® you get all systems for fixing timber constructions from a single source - coordinated with each other and combined in a practical and mobile tool box. The enclosed assembly tools facilitate the construction process and save valuable working time.
The system cases of the Pick product group ensure maximum safety on the construction site. The products are always state of the art to minimise safety risks and speed up work processes.

SIHGA® SKT toolbox for terraces and facade systems

Whether for terrace fixing or facade fixing, SIHGA® offers products in a system. This means that the products are well thought-out and can be perfectly combined with each other. The system case contains everything you need for assembly - from tools and the necessary accessories to assembly instructions and other aids, everything is included in the case.

Frequently asked questions about the SIHGA® system case:

The SIHGA® system cases for timber construction offer many advantages. They facilitate the transport of tools and materials on construction sites and help to maintain order and clarity. The special division of the compartments and inserts means that tools and accessories can be stored safely and within easy reach. This saves time and increases efficiency on the construction site. Tool cases also offer protection against damage and soiling of the tools.

A wide variety of tools and materials for fixing technology can be stored in a system case. This includes, for example, drills, screwdrivers, screws, system connectors, lifting equipment, assembly accessories and other work equipment. A case from SIHGA® also includes all accessories for assembly.