Terrace fixing invisible

Screwing decking boards invisibly? This is possible with various fixing systems for timber construction from SIHGA®. Visible fixing points on the surface increase the risk of cracks and breaks. Moisture can also penetrate the wood more quickly at these points, dirt can accumulate and rot can occur as a result. SIHGA® prevents these problems with its invisible fixing systems for terraces.
The goal of invisible terrace fixing: no screws are visible on the top of the decking boards.
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Screwing decking boards invisibly

There are various systems for fixing decking boards, but only a few combine a beautiful appearance with a wide range of applications and a long service life like the invisible decking fixing system from SIHGA®. No matter which invisible fixing system from SIHGA® you choose, the decking connectors are always concealed, which brings numerous advantages. With the right spacers, you can install the decking boards quickly and evenly while maintaining the necessary distance from the substructure for ventilation.

Invisible terrace decking fixing from SIHGA®

Most of the products in the SIHGA® fixing package have been tested by Holzforschung Austria (HFA) and consequently deliver high quality, safety and reliability. With HFA-approved terrace fixing, terrace constructions can be created quickly and safely. At SIHGA® you also receive the accessories needed for each system, so that quick assembly is possible.
An invisible decking fixing provides much better support, but still allows the decking boards to work without warping or coming loose. The system is also extremely heat, frost and UV-resistant. In addition to the elegant look without visible screws, this type of fixing is particularly durable. The timbers are screwed from below, which significantly extends durability and prevents rotting due to weathering. The risk of cracks and breaks in the decking boards is also greatly reduced.
Advantages of the invisible terrace fixing system from SIHGA®:
  • firm grip
  • suitable for all common board widths
  • decking boards can work without coming loose
  • heat, frost and UV-resistant
  • extended service life
  • reduced rotting
  • reduced risk of cracking and breakage
  • good ventilation of the terrace
  • wide range of applications

Proven SenoFix® FT screw and connector system for terrace construction

Our tried-and-tested SenoFix® FT screw and connector system for invisible terrace fixing is also HFA-approved. The system is fixed in the joint with only one screw, which ensures a visually appealing surface of the decking board. Thanks to the spreading mechanism with a joint width of seven millimetres, the system ensures efficient ventilation and quick drying of the boards. This will significantly extend the life of the terrace.

Invisible terrace fixing with GleitFix® GF

The SIHGA® GleitFix® GF has also been successfully HFA-tested. This invisible fixing for decking boards impresses above all with its wide range of applications. The system can be used for fixing boards of all types of wood and all common board widths and can be combined with both wood and aluminium substructures.
The wooden boards are also screwed on the underside here to create a particularly aesthetic surface. This protects the fixing points from the weather and the visible surfaces remain undamaged. This ensures a longer durability of the entire terrace construction.
Clip connections between the terrace fixings facilitate positioning during assembly. The visible gap can be variably adjusted up to 15 millimetres. The one-sided fixing of the boards in the substructure compensates for the natural behaviour of the wood and thus reduces the risk of cracks and breaks.
SIHGA® tip: with a joint spacing of more than 8 millimetres, individual boards can be easily replaced at a later date.

Terrace planning with the SIHGA® planning software

In addition to its new products, SIHGA® offers online planning software for terrace planning. This makes planning and ordering all the necessary products quick and easy. This is because the free 3D planning software is linked to the webshop. After planning, you will receive the exact material quantities of wood, substructure and fixing together with drawn-up installation plans that you need for your project.

Frequently asked questions about invisible terrace fixings:

With invisible fixing, the decking boards are screwed underneath, which protects the fixing points from the weather. This reduces the risk of rotting and extends the durability of the entire terrace. In addition, with this type of fixing, the wooden boards can work naturally without coming loose. This reduces the risk of cracking and breakage. The invisible terrace fixing also ensures a particularly aesthetic-looking surface on the terrace.

As a substructure for a terrace, we recommend our TefaFix® T.

For oiled terraces we recommend our SenoFix® II SX terrace fixing.