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SIHGA® tip
As substructure we recommend using TefaFix® T and noting the design recommendations. For fastening start and end planks we recommend GleitFix® AE.
fastens planks invisibly screwed; developed, patented and made in Austria
elegant look and long-lasting fastening
planks remain undamaged on all visible surfaces
timber is screwed from below, this results in a longer lifespan and prevents rot, as well as direct weathering
a product for almost every type of wood, reduces storage costs
very large range of applications
special compensation system compensates for the natural swelling and shrinkage of the planks
reduces the crack and break behaviour of the timber during these natural processes
only one system for plank widths from 90 to 150 mm
suitable for all plank widths
tested stainless steel system screws with drill bit enclosed
only one system for timber and aluminium substructure; avoids hairline cracks on the top side of the plank
made from SIHGAMID®, the fibre-glass reinforced plastic originating from space research
extremely heat-, frost- and UV-resistant
optionally also with tested stainless steel system screws with drill bit in A4 (GleitFix® GF CS)
stainless steel A4 BohrFix® screws for increased risk of corrosion when exposed to salt and chlorine
selection of three screw lengths
optimised fastening of varying plank thicknesses from 19 mm
variable adjustment of the visible joint (0 - 15 mm)
suitable for every developer, FugiFix® is the ideal assistant here
HFA inspected in combination with larch, thermo ash and Accoya
connector height with 8 mm for optimal ventilation
ensures optimum constructive wood protection; prevents accumulations of water between the plank and substructure
with joint spacing ≥8 mm
individual planks can be disassembled or replaced
includes SIHGAFIX® stainless steel, from hardened stainless steel BohrFix® FB with drill bit and installation instructions
no rust from external sources, screws do not shear or break; time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories are enclosed

Architekturbüro Snohetta in Innsbruck

GleitFix, TefaFix, JustiFix JK II

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