SIHGA system packaging

With SIHGA® you can rely on products with a system, first-class service and all-inclusive services for timber construction. The customised solutions support you even before your building project and offer practical advantages.

SIHGA® montagepack

SIHGA® mehrwertpack

SIHGA® objektpack®

Packaging solutions that make sense - tailored to timber construction

The height and width of the system packaging are always the same. This also means that the space requirements are always the same and can be planned better. The packaging has been specially designed for assembly and necessary accessories and assembly instructions are always included. What's more, the packaging can always be closed tightly - this is particularly practical in combination with the large sealing cap to prevent unintentional emptying.
From the outside, the system packaging offers a visible placeholder for accessories, so that they can be seen within easy reach on the unopened packaging. There is a system measurement printed on the bottom left-hand side - so the scale is always handy. A SystemStift® is also included, which you can even measure with. The water-repellent surface of the system packaging is particularly helpful in damp weather on the construction site.

SIHGA® system packaging at a glance - practical and environmentally friendly

SIHGA® has developed and patented the following practical packaging especially for assembly:
  • SIHGA® minimontagepack
  • SIHGA® montagepack
  • SIHGA® mehrwertpack
  • SIHGA® objektpack®
The SIHGA® minimontagepack was developed especially for assembly and resale. The contents are visible from the outside through a viewing window. The SIHGA® added mehrwertpack consists of four montagepacks and the SIHGA® objektpack® represents packing content for larger objects. The robust packaging is manufactured without sub-packing and with reduced lacquering of the cardboard boxes, making it particularly environmentally friendly.

Frequently asked questions about system packaging:

SIHGA® system packaging is a packaging solution that ensures optimum protection for the product being packaged. The practical packaging consists of a precisely fitting cardboard box that can be perfectly stored and a well thought-out closing mechanism that enables the accessories to be conveniently removed and the packaging tightly closed again and again.

System packaging offers a tailor-made solution for the product to be packaged and ensures optimum protection during shipping as well as during storage. It can also save time and effort by simplifying logistics, storage and removal.

Some system packaging is more environmentally friendly than others, depending on the materials used. With SIHGA® object pack, there is a deliberate decision not to use sub-packing and the cardboard boxes are not lacquered - this makes them environmentally friendly.