Terrace Guarantee up to 23 years

In the event of correct processing and standard use according to the SIHGA® installation instructions and SIHGA® design recommendations, SIHGA® guarantees the functionality of the SIHGA® fastenings according to the following conditions for a period of 23 years for the original buyer, first buyer.

If a defect occurs within 23 years from the date of purchase, which led or leads to the functioning of the fastenings supplied by SIHGA® failing, SIHGA® shall replace the defective product. The corresponding replacement shall be provided to the first buyer by SIHGA® – after a check by an appropriate expert – free of charge. The first buyer or other beneficiary of the guarantee themselves is responsible for the costs for the replacement itself, notably also for the removal and installation. In the event of a replacement, irrespective of the period of use of the failed fastening, unless specified otherwise in the individual case, the provision of an equivalent component for the fastening purpose is also possible. The guarantee is not extended by possible guarantee cases.

Conditions and requirements

  • The resistance against weathering, ozone and UV radiation applies for a period of 23 years under Central European weather conditions to fastening materials made of metal, and for a period of 15 years to fastening materials made of plastic, discolouration of the surface cannot be ruled out and does not justify a guarantee claim.
  • Use of surface treatments, which do not contain organic solvents or solvents with aromatic hydrocarbons (note processing instructions, product and safety datasheets from the manufacturer).
  • Processing according to SIHGA® installation instructions and design recommendations in the respective, most recent version.
  •  Compliance with design recommendations for terrace construction, applicable standards in wood and façade construction and with processing recommendations of the wood supplier(s).
  • Use in temperatures between -30°C and +70°C with static load. 

Even if only one of these requirements is not met, a claim under guarantee is excluded. Furthermore, a claim under guarantee is excluded in the event of the following types of use of the respective SIHGA® product:
  • In chemically contaminated atmospheres (industry, …) particularly with sulphur or chlorine compounds such as H2SO4, HCl, … colour differences are no reasons for claim
  • Use partly or fully in water
  • If the stated temperature range is exceeded

Making claims

After discovering a product defect, a claim must be made immediately to SIHGA® in writing to the exclusion of other claims, providing the proof of purchase, in all cases within 14 days of discovery. The claiming person must grant the expert from SIHGA® unrestricted access to the site, building or property where the fastening was installed in order to inspect the installation condition, photograph it and to examine the guaranteed fastening. Third parties are not authorised to make statements or assurances on behalf of SIHGA® regarding the quality or usage properties of SIHGA® products, which go beyond the details provided in this guarantee. SIHGA® is not bound by such statements. Austrian law shall apply exclusively to this guarantee. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for any claims deriving herefrom is the materially competent court for 4600 Wels, Austria. The General Terms and Conditions of SIHGA® GmbH shall apply.