Concrete / brick

SIHGA® is your expert in timber construction and stands for innovations in the field of fixing technology. Whether it be for terrace fixing, facade fixing or other areas of application, SIHGA® offers versatile solutions for fixing wood in concrete and brick. With the highly functional solutions, you can be sure that your timber construction is robust and durable. Thanks to the best quality and high-class workmanship, safety and a firm hold are always top priority.
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Wood in concrete: SIHGA® concrete anchor

SIHGA offers unique concrete anchors as an anchoring solution for heavy metal and wooden structures in concrete. These concrete anchors meet the requirements for anchoring in outdoor areas and offer high load-bearing capacity as well as ease of installation and safety. These products are particularly suitable for facade construction, terrace construction and other outdoor applications such as the fixing of walls, fence posts, carports, pergolas, swings and so on.
The concrete anchors from SIHGA® at a glance:
  • Betsi® expansion anchor: This anchoring solution is suitable for fixing wall beams, sleepers, steel brackets, column bases etc. on non-cracked concrete from concrete grade C 20/25.
  • BeziFix® anchor: This anchor enables the secure and time-saving fixing of wooden sleepers and beams as well as post beams for concrete quality C 20/25 to C 50/60 in cracked and non-cracked concrete. Thanks to the simple push-through mounting, it can be used directly and no dowels are required.

Wood in brick: SIHGA® brick fixing

SIHGA® has developed the secure ProziFix® brick fixing for permanently and securely securing attachments to the building envelope. The innovative wall anchor is suitable for fixing cantilevered timber construction elements in vertically perforated brick and guarantees maximum safety. Cutting out the thermal insulation is not needed for this. The SC 9-coated wall connection anchor also has a special anchor tube and internal pipe insulation, guaranteeing a long service life, high load transfer, corrosion protection and minimal heat loss. The ProziFix® can be used for many different types of bricks and is suitable, among other things, for fixing carports, roofing, canopies and pergolas to masonry.

Construction chemistry

SIHGA® is an expert in the field of timber construction and offers efficient joining solutions for wood with other materials.
With the chemical anchor BeziFee® threaded and anchor rods can be safely installed in wood, brick, cracked and non-cracked concrete and stone. The main characteristic of these invisible fixing solution is the straightforward handling.

Frequently asked questions about fixing in concrete and brick:

There are numerous fixing solutions for connecting constructions made of wood to concrete - for example, with the help of concrete anchors or construction chemistry products.
Concrete anchor: With the Betsi® expansion anchor, SIHGA® presents a simple and secure fixing tool for metal and timber constructions on non-cracked concrete. The BeziFix® anchor from SIHGA® enables the straightforward fixing of wood in cracked and non-cracked concrete – without any need for dowels.
Construction chemistry: Another fixing solution is the BeziFee® chemical anchor, which is suitable for installing threaded and anchor rods in wood, brick, concrete and stone. The component adhesive Klebsan® is suitable for joining timber framing or cross-laminated timber walls to concrete.

No, with the BeziFix® anchor from SIHGA®, no dowels are needed. The system features simple push-through installation, which means that the anchor can be stressed directly. This fixing solution is suitable for concrete grades C 20/25 to C 50/60 in cracked and non-cracked concrete and is particularly impressive due to its time-saving application.

Whether it is a carport, a canopy, a porch or a pergola, with the innovative ProziFix® brick fixing, cantilevered timber components can be permanently and securely fixed to the masonry. The special SC 9 coating ensures a particularly long service life for the fixing solution. The thermal insulation also does not have to be removed from the wall. Alternatively, wood can simply be fixed to brick with a suitable mounting adhesive or chemical anchor such as the BeziFee®.