product information

SIHGA® tip
Ensure the correct drill diameter and drill quality, the Stabebo SDS Drill is therefore enclosed.
fastenings for wall beams, sills, steel brackets, support feet, etc. on non-cracked concrete from concrete quality C 20/25
one expansion anchor for numerous application areas
developed for very high tensile and shear loads
saves time, costs and establishes long-lasting and highly durable connections
extra long lengths of up to 400 mm
enables the fastening of large wood cross-sections
easy to install
the full load-bearing capacity is attained through simply knocking in and tightening
simply read the load table incl. edge distances
provides assurance of the right anchor selection
enables even smaller edge and axial distances than those specified in the table values
for special applications, SIHGA® performs the calculation for you
includes installation instructions and Stabebo SDS drill with four-edged geometry specially for reinforced concrete
time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed
stainless steel expansion clip
safety per ETA