Timber construction

Timber construction is becoming increasingly important, because compared to other building materials, wood offers advantages not only in terms of sustainability and appearance, but also in terms of the construction itself. Its high static properties, low intrinsic weight and simple workability make wood a popular building material that enjoys universal use. To ensure a safe and stable timber construction, however, the choice of the right fixing is crucial. SIHGA® is your specialist for fixing technology in timber construction and is constantly working on new innovations to further develop existing products and systems, accelerate construction progress and ensure greater safety on the construction site.
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Lifting equipment and fall protection from SIHGA®

Working at height is a serious risk, but one that is often underestimated, especially at low altitudes. For this reason, falls are also the most common cause of serious injury or even death on construction sites. SIHGA® has therefore made it its goal to make working in timber construction safer with products for fall protection.
The load-lifting equipment in the Pick range, developed in-house, makes working at height not only more efficient and simple, but also safer. The growing need for climate protection and sustainability is also taken into account, with the high quality of the products ensuring a long service life.

System connectors: Reliable attachment of wooden parts to wood, concrete or brick

SIHGA® is your expert in fixing technology for timber construction and has developed system connectors such as perforated plates, flat connectors and angle connectors, which are used to join timber parts together or to attach timber parts to concrete or steel. The connectors from SIHGA® are particularly impressive thanks to their high load-bearing capacity and stability. They are easy to install and minimise deformations, as the system connector absorbs both horizontal and vertical forces.

System screws for more flexibility, resilience and safety

SIHGA® offers high-quality system screws for timber construction - including partially threaded screws, fully threaded screws and double-threaded screws. These timber construction screws are durable and resilient and are therefore particularly suitable for applications where fast and reliable assembly is required.
They are therefore used as the tool of choice in terrace construction, facade construction, for securing fences, carports, roof structures and so on. The GoFix® series from SIHGA® also offers the advantage that these screws are designed for use with impact screwdrivers. This allows safe working, more flexibility and valuable time savings by avoiding unnecessary tool changes.

Post beams for maximum stability and reliable wood protection

SIHGA® is your specialist for fixing technology and has developed systems to protect timber structures from moisture damage. These post beams and support feet ensure that the wood does not come into direct contact with the ground. The highly functional beams easily withstand the effects of weather and mechanical forces.
The systems are mainly used in timber construction - among other things for terrace construction, the construction of canopies, carports, fences and pergolas - and guarantee a durable and reliable connection between the timber and the ground. The post beams and support feet ensure a stable stand and at the same time guarantee structural wood protection.

Frequently asked questions about timber contruction fixing technology:

Fixing technology refers to the techniques and methods used to secure structures to building components made of wood, concrete or brick. This includes the use of screws, nails, bolts, adhesives, post beams or other fixing elements that help to reinforce or connect components. Fixing technology is an important part of timber construction as it helps to ensure that buildings and structures are stable and secure.

Perforated plates, flat connectors or angle connectors are used, for example, in the fixing of wooden roof trusses. Wooden connectors are also used for fixing carports, canopies and terraces, however. In timber construction, such practical connectors are essential.

Fall protection protects workers who are carrying out activities at certain heights, such as on a roof or maintenance platform, from falling. For this purpose, temporary measures such as scaffolding, guard rails, safety nets, rope stays and covers, as well as personal protective equipment, are used to effectively ensure work safety.