product information

made in Austria
top European quality and added-value
high load bearing wood-concrete connection screw
connects wooden beam ceilings, dowel beam ceilings or panel ceilings and the top concrete layer to optimise the strength with limited structural height
diverse areas of application, economical and cost-effective
old building renovation (strengthening wooden beam ceilings), building height extensions (load-distributing ceilings for attics), new buildings (high load bearing wood-concrete compound structures)
optimises properties of simple wooden ceilings
greater strength and rigidity, fire protection, better vibration behaviour, noise protection, thermal insulation
optimised compared to purely concrete ceilings
better eco-balance, low inherent weight, degradable
Hobet® thread
fast screw connection, low tightening torque, minimises splitting effect
Hobet® bit
time savings due to rapid attachment, especially at 45° screw angle, easy to work with
comprehensive calculation of load capacities, fire protection, serviceability and vibration
complicated calculations are superfluous - SIHGA® performs the calculation for you