Structural wood protection

Wood is one of the oldest building materials and is becoming increasingly popular. In facade construction, the material is popular due to its sustainability, flexibility and natural appearance, among other qualities. The most important thing here is probably structural wood protection to ensure a long service life of the facade in all weather conditions. This is a great alternative to chemical treatments both for the environment and for health. SIHGA® is your specialist in timber construction and presents innovative structural wood protection for facade fixing to prevent weathering, rot, fungus and algae infestation.
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Long-lasting facade with structural wood preservation from SIHGA®

High wood moisture content over a longer period of time must be avoided at all costs in order to counteract rotting and moisture-induced shrinkage and swelling of the wood outdoors. The most important thing for a long-lasting timber facade is therefore good structural wood protection. This enables constant ventilation and quick drying of the material. For this reason, SIHGA® offers high-quality wood protection that counteracts moisture absorption and waterlogging and ensures a permanently attractive appearance of the facade.
In order for the structural wood protection to also be effective, proper water drainage must be established on the facade and for water that has penetrated into the construction. Sufficient ventilation also ensures that the wooden components of the substructure dry out again quickly.
Depending on the architecture, there are different possibilities - large eaves and canopies, for example, represent very good wood protection. It is especially important to pay attention to the detailing of joints, corners, plinths, roof connections, window connections and penetrations to extend the life of the timber structure.

KompeFix® II KF for a long-lasting beautiful appearance of the facade

To extend the service life of timber facades, we recommend using our KompeFix® II KF made of polyvinyl chloride. The material in the system remains permanently stable and is heat, frost and UV-resistant. This universal structural wood protection is suitable for timber facades with a height of 8 mm and a width of 21 mm. Over 14 years of experience in facade construction have gone into this product. The innovative wood protection from SIHGA® creates a space between the timbers, ensures excellent ventilation and thus guarantees a permanently beautiful appearance of the facade.
The advantage of this system: it is quick and easy to install and can be fixed, screwed through and cut to length at any point. The pre-stressing effect integrated by the special shape compensates for the swelling and shrinkage processes of the wood. The structural wood protection comes with installation instructions - this saves time on the construction site and is also practical.

Tips for structural wood protection for facades

In order to avoid damage caused by weather influences such as sun, wind and rain to wooden structures such as facades, it is important that they are planned and installed accordingly. If the distances between the timbers are too large, moisture can penetrate the substructure more easily and water can accumulate there. It is therefore essential to follow the instructions in the installation manual enclosed with SIHGA® products. Sufficient drainage for water as well as ventilation within the construction must be ensured. Especially in the case of visible facade fixings, care should be taken to ensure the correct depth when screwing in the screws in order to prevent moisture from accumulating. Components at risk of splash water should be well protected by keeping a sufficient distance from the ground.

Frequently asked questions about structural wood protection for facades:

Structural wood protection refers to structural measures that protect the wood of the facade from moisture and allow it to dry quickly. It protects the facade and the wooden substructure from precipitation, weathering, spray and condensation and helps to prevent damage such as rot, fungus and algae infestation and to extend the life of the structure.

Structural wood protection aims to achieve the following goals:
  • The wood should be protected from rain
  • Water should be able to drain away in a controlled manner to avoid moisture damage
  • Sufficient ventilation within the construction must be guaranteed
  • Areas made of wood that are at risk of splash water should be protected from moisture
  • The aim is to prevent moisture pockets from forming and waterlogging from occurring