product information

universal, constructive wood protection for facades and terraces
with height 8 mm and width 21 mm creates distance between the woods; thereby allowing them to breathe and increasing their lifespan
developed, patented and made in Austria
local quality, experience from more than 14 years of facade construction included
the roll with 4.5 metres length is only fastened structurally
fast and easy, can be fixed as desired (screwable) and cut to length
patented, helps to seal the screw
increases the service life of the construction
the pre-load effect integrated through the specific shape compensates for the swelling and shrinkage of the timber
improves the appearance of the facade; enhances walking comfort on the terrace
monitored production from polyvinyl chloride, with a special recipe
remains permanently dimensionally stable, is heat-, frost- and UV-resistant
quantity calculation per m2
1: substructure distance [m] : 4.5
includes installation instructions
is time-saving and enclosed for practicality
HFA inspected in combination with TeFix®