Terrace substructure

Wood is a timeless material that is being used more and more often, especially in terrace construction, as it is ecological and versatile. As a specialist in timber construction, SIHGA® therefore presents innovative rail systems with which wooden decking boards can be easily installed. An aluminium terrace substructure such as the TefaFix® T has proven to be practical for this purpose.
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TefaFix® T terrace substructure for straightforward installation

With TefaFix® T for the terrace, SIHGA® offers a substructure rail made of aluminium that can be used in a variety of ways for both visible and invisible terrace fixing. The system can be beautifully combined with the visible Alu-TeFix® screw connection and has thus been tested by Holzforschung Austria as well as in combination with TefaFlex® T and TefaBind®. With these HFA-approved products, terraces can be constructed easily and safely. The accessories required are also included with the substructure, so that nothing stands in the way of a quick installation.
The system developed for the installation of wooden boards ensures a firm hold. The trapezoidal shape of the system also ensures efficient water drainage and good ventilation of the boards. Screw breakage due to swelling and shrinkage of the wood is now a thing of the past. The substructure can also be used for facade construction and thus offers a high degree of flexibility and simplifies storage.
The substructure for the terrace is available in:
  • bright aluminium
  • SC 9 coating
The coated substructure creates a black joint look throughout.
With the TefaBind® connector, several connection options are available and the system can be extended in length as required.
SIHGA® tip: In combination with the invisible SenoFix® FT decking fixing, the service life of the boards can be extended further. Thanks to the spreading mechanism, a uniform joint width of seven millimetres is created, which ensures efficient ventilation and fast drying.

SymbioFix® SFT terrace substructure as a stable alternative

SymbioFix® SFT represents the stable and load-bearing alternative to the pure aluminium substructure rail for the terrace substructure. The system consists of an aluminium profile and a wooden core which provides additional support to the screws. This composition ensures a secure screw connection, a long service life of the terrace as well as reliable load transfer and freedom from distortion of the substructure. SymbioFix® SFT thus combines the properties of both materials in one system.
The practical dimensions with a length of 1.10 metres or 4.40 metres and an overall height of 35 millimetres as well as the low weight enable easy handling of the substructure rail. For a particularly quick installation of the wooden boards, the rail is also optionally available in a length of 4.40 metres. The system is endlessly pluggable, so that no adapter is needed for assembly, saves time and work. With this substructure for the terrace, even large areas can therefore be created quickly and easily. The innovative design of the system allows reliable ventilation of the boards and thus prevents damage.
This decking substructure is also suitable for both the visible and non-visible fixing of decking boards.
SIHGA® tip: SymbioFix® SFT has integrated structural wood protection. This ensures the safe ventilation and durability of the terrace construction.

Height-adjustable feet for the terrace

The height-adjustable feet, such as the JustiFix® II JK, are suitable for both the TefaFix® T and the SymbioFix® SFT substructure, where they simply snap into place. Completely secured in position, the adjustable feet compensate for slopes of up to 3 % and adapt to any surface. They remain permanently dimensionally stable and are also heat, frost and UV-resistant. The substructure of the terrace remains dry and is well ventilated. Compared to individual solutions, the SIHGA® system saves 70 % in terms of working time.

Frequently asked questions about terrace substructures:

SIHGA® offers various systems for terrace substructures. The classic substructure for the terrace is made of aluminium and is both practical and usable universally. However, because the wood of the boards can work and this can affect the durability of the terrace, SIHGA® also offers a stable alternative with an aluminium sheathing and a core of wood for maximum grip of the screws.

For WPC and wooden decking, the spacing required between the substructure is 40-60 cm. For particularly thick decking boards with, for example, 40 mm instead of the usual 26 mm, the spacing can be larger - 80 cm spacing can be used here without the risk of bending.

If you want to build a wooden terrace, either wooden or aluminium rails can be used for the terrace substructure. Be careful not to use different types of wood, as they can work and weather differently. Aluminium is quite versatile - decking boards made of wood, WPC, stone and so on can be laid on it. It is easy to process and extremely warp-free. The special rails from SIHGA® with aluminium sheathing and wooden core offer superb stability, even when the wood of the decking boards is working.