product information

SIHGA® tip
Note design recommendations
the substructure rails in terrace construction made from aluminium with thermo-wood core
saves 50% of your working time, the thermo-wood core holds the fastening screws permanently, which aluminium alone cannot
for visible and invisible plank screw connections
visible plank screw connection with Alu-BohrFix® MB and non-visible attachment with DielenFix®, GleitFix® or SenoFix®
developed, patented and made in Austria
top European quality
can be used for all types of wood
low storage requirements, as universally applicable
load transfer through aluminium rails
high load-bearing capacity and no substructure warping, support is required in border areas
simply click onto adjustable feet
the ideal combination, the transversal joint is also placed on it, JustiFix® II JK; this saves adjustable feet and delivers further cost advantages
constructive wood protection integrated
SymbioFix® profile has a 5 mm distance from the top to the plank, this results in good ventilation and a long-lasting terrace