SIHGA SystemFix

Efficient presentation aids are an important part of stock-keeping for trade and specialist retailers. They enable the optimal storage and presentation of goods to promote sales and save time. The right choice of presentation tools can be crucial to making the most of the warehouse. Aspects such as safety, flexibility and ease of handling should also be taken into account to ensure efficient storage. With the presentation aids from SIHGA®, you rely on solutions with a system - you get all products from a single source.

SIHGA® SystemFix® - Compact presentation tool for trade and retail

Many commercial enterprises and companies in various sectors confirm the fact that they have to spend an incredible 80% of their purchasing time on 20% of their purchasing volume. With the clear and self-explanatory SIHGA® SystemFix® presentation tool for perfect storage, this is no longer an issue! On request and by individual arrangement, the SIHGA® application specialists reliably and regularly check, supplement and arrange your storage items in the storage system.
For the specialised trade, the SIHGA® SystemFix® offers the convenience of a clear, high-quality product presentation - and at the same time is an ideal system for stock-keeping. The self-explanatory practical samples reduce the amount of work required for product explanations and ensure more time savings.
The SIHGA® SystemFix® presentation tool is filled with SIHGA® system packaging containing both the accessories required for assembly and assembly instructions. In this way, up to 160 SIHGA® assembly packs can be stored on less than half a square metre of floor space!

Over 1200 businesses already confirm that the SIHGA® SystemFix® brings clear benefits!

  • W x D x H= 56 x 78 x 200 cm

SIHGA® Feature & YOUR Benefit

Presentation equipment for up to 160 assembly packs
Less than half a square metre of space required

Clearly arranged store
Automatic moving-up of the packs

Can be extended and changed as required
Shelving heights can be changed at any time and several SystemFix® can be securely lined up next to each other

Content is automatically monitored
Your personal SIHGA® application specialist will be happy to do this by arrangement

Sloping shelves
So that the packs slide forward independently

Frequently asked questions about the SIHGA® presentation tools or storage system:

In warehousing, presentation tools represent special devices and systems that enable an appealing and efficient presentation of goods in the warehouse. These include, for example, shelves with special inserts, shelving systems, displays, tubs, baskets, crates and pallets that present the goods in a clear and attractive way.

By using presentation tools such as the SIHGA® SystemFix®, stock can be better organised, sorted and presented, leading to greater efficiency in logistics, storage and the presentation of products.