Construction chemistry

Wood as a building material is increasingly being used as a sustainable alternative to other building materials. This calls for an efficient combination of wood with other materials. SIHGA® is your specialist in timber construction and offers the chemical anchor BeziFee®, a solution for the installation of threaded and anchor rods in wood, brick, cracked and non-cracked concrete and stone
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Versatile two-component adhesive for timber construction: BeziFee®

To reliably bond wood to concrete, brick or stone, SIHGA® has developed the versatile two-component adhesive BeziFee®. The styrene-free adhesive ensures the secure fixing of threaded and anchor rods and guarantees a permanent bond between two building materials. The construction chemistry product can even be used under water without any problems.
In addition to the adhesive, SIHGA® also offers useful accessories. The system case simplifies transport and also ensures order on the construction site. The BeziFee® wire brush and hand pump ensure clean drill holes. For particularly deep holes, fabricators can use an extension pipe for the static mixer. Long and short screening sleeves are also available.

Adhesives for demanding projects: the advantages of the construction chemistry product

The two-component injection adhesive is versatile and, thanks to its advantages, is suitable even for demanding projects:
  • is waterproof when installed
  • has very good design values - even near the edge
  • offers high processing convenience
  • is styrene-free - unpleasant and unhealthy odours are eliminated
  • contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • can be used without hesitation even in the drinking water sector
  • has a fire resistance of F120 and is non-combustible (class A1)

Frequently asked questions about construction chemistry:

Construction chemistry refers to all chemical products used in the construction industry. These include, for example, mortars, plasters, adhesives, sealants and coatings.

There is a wide range of construction chemistry products that can be differentiated according to their intended use. These include, for example, concrete admixtures, joint compounds, floor levelling compounds, adhesives, waterproofing agents and many more.

Construction chemistry products have to meet different requirements depending on the area of application. The most important ones include high processing safety, good adhesion, a long service life and high weather and UV resistance.

Construction chemistry products are used in many ways in the construction industry. They are used in areas such as facade fixing, terrace fixing, garden design, structural and civil engineering, restorations, renovations and many others.