Structural wood protection

Especially in the case of outdoor terraces, structural wood protection presents a particular challenge due to the permanent effects of the weather. For this reason, there are a number of things to consider when planning the wooden terrace in order to prevent rot, fungal and algae infestation.
As a specialist in terrace fixings in timber construction, SIHGA® offers structural wood protection for terraces. With TerrassenFix Air® and TerrassenFix Aqua® we have two aluminium profiles in our range as drainage grids and ventilation elements to prevent the wood from being damaged by weathering. At SIHGA® you get everything for terrace construction from a single source.
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Longer terrace life with structural wood protection

Infestation by fungi, moss and algae, among other things, is favoured by standing water and constant moisture and thus drastically impairs the durability of the wooden terrace. There are therefore two basic things that need to be considered when building terraces:
  1. sufficient ventilation of the terrace
  2. possibility of water drainage
Incidental water from weathering must be reliably drained and efficient drainage and ventilation must be ensured to prolong the life of the structure. Against this background, SIHGA® not only offers solutions for fastening and mounting the terrace construction, but also a suitable drainage grate and ventilation element. This helps to prevent moisture from accumulating in the wood of the substructure and ensures that the entire wooden terrace, including the boards, is sufficiently ventilated.

TerrassenFix from SIHGA®

With TerrassenFix Air® and TerrassenFix Aqua® SIHGA® presents two aluminium profiles for structural wood protection of the terrace. Aluminium offers the advantage that it can be easily machined with conventional tools.
  • TerrassenFix Aqua®: This wood preservative protects the vertically arranged components adjacent to the terrace and can be used at door connections or transitions from the vertical façade to the horizontal terrace surface. The perforation with grooved surface as well as the geometry of the wood protector ensure that water drains off quickly and prevents the occurrence of splash water. The individual elements can be assembled individually depending on the terrace project and fixed to the substructure made of wood or aluminium using the F-BohrFix® ES drilling screws supplied.
  • TerrassenFix Air®: In addition to drainage, proper ventilation is also very important for wooden terraces. TerrassenFix Air® can be used both as a ventilation element and as a substructure for terrace screens. The aluminium trim is durable and easy to mount with the TeFix® screw. Thanks to profile interruptions, water runs off unhindered and the entire terrace construction is well ventilated. This system is suitable for all boards with a thickness of 20 millimetres or more. The individual elements have a standard length of 4,400 millimetres, but can easily be made to measure. 

Both products are standards-compliant. The structural wood protection for terraces from SIHGA® thus offers security to both planners and contractors as well as to the client.

Tips for structural wood protection for terraces

  1. Observe the spacing of the terrace substructure: If the spacing is too large, the decking boards may sag and collect water during rainfall. When building the terrace, observe the details given in the respective installation instructions provided with the SIHGA® products.
  2. Visible terrace fixing systems: For visible fixings, do not screw the screws too deeply into the boards since otherwise moisture may collect in them.
  3. Keep a distance from buildings: You should maintain an appropriate distance from buildings and fixed components so that the water can drain away and the decking boards have enough space for moisture-induced swelling and shrinkage.
  4. Avoid contact with the ground: The terrace construction must have sufficient distance to the substrate and components at risk of splash water must be well protected.

Frequently asked questions about structural wood protection for terraces:

Structural wood protection for terraces protects wooden boards and the timber of the substructure from damage caused by precipitation, weathering, splash and condensation water as well as moisture. With structural wood protection, it is possible to prevent damage such as rot, fungal and algae infestation and to extend the service life of the construction.

Solutions in structural wood protection aim to achieve the following:
  • to keep rain away from the wood as far as possible
  • to allow water to drain away from the decking substrate and along the boards in a controlled manner
  • to cover end wood surfaces with terrace screens
  • to ensure sufficient ventilation within the construction too
  • to protect wooden zones at risk of splash water
  • to prevent moisture pockets and the development of areas of standing water