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SIHGA® tip
Note design recommendations. For oiled terraces we recommend the SenoFix® II SX. Secure each facade board once with BohrFix® FB 4.2 x 43.
for untreated, profiled wooden planks released by SIHGA®
we reccomend using TefaFix® T rail as substructure
use with additional locking screw for vertical facade
claddings safeguarding facade profiles from slippage
manufactured, developed, and patented in Austria
highest European quality and value creation
screwed fastening for floorboards only in the joint with the SenoFix® FT, cover- and lateral surfaces of the boards remain unharmed
creating a visually appealing surface is quick, simple and precise
ONLY for timbers tested by SIHGA®
greatest security through long-term testing
expansion mechanism with joint width of 7 mm in final state
no spacers needed for assembly assembly
possible without additional tools
no additional costs for clamps or belts, etc.
connector height per the latest state of the art
automatic spacing from substructure of 8 mm
stabilises and compensates for any swelling and shrinkage in the wood
increases the lifespan of the terrace considerably
only 1 screw per attachment point
requires 50 % less installation time and provides perfect grip
available with two different screw lengths
use on wood and alu substructure
produced of reinforced SIHGAMID®
is therefore permanently heat-, frost- and UV- resistant
attachment screw made of hardened stainless steel
is permanent and break-proof
including SIHGAFIX® stainless steel, all attachment screws and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories are included, SIHGAFIX® stainless steel prevents extraneous rust
quantity calculation per m2
1:substructure spacing [m]:(board width [m] + joint [m])
HFA inspected in combination with thermo ash
HFA-tested in combination with thermo ash

The TerrassenFix® depth limiter TTB prevents the screw from being screwed in too deeply.

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