Load lifting devices / fall protection

Falls are among the most common causes of serious and even fatal accidents in the workplace. Working at height therefore represents a serious risk on a construction site. Work at low heights especially is often underestimated and carried out without due care. For this reason, SIHGA® has set itself the task of making timber construction safer. With the products from the Pick family, working at height becomes not only more efficient and comfortable, but above all safer. SIHGA® also meets the increasing importance of climate protection and sustainability. The high quality of the products ensures a long service life.
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Between load & hook: Pick products at a glance

SIHGA® offers products in a system. In other words, The products of the Pick family complement each other perfectly.
  • Pick: The SIHGA® Pick is the base product required for all other Pick products. It facilitates the lifting of cross-laminated timber, glulam and solid timber and, in terms of sustainability, lasts for several thousand working hours without any loss of quality.
  • Pick PSA: With the Pick PSA, workers can supplement their personal protective equipment against falls from a height with fall protection applicable to wooden beam ceilings and girders as well as cross-laminated timber elements.
  • Pick Engel®: The tested product combination Pick Engel® is suitable for heights of two metres and more. This system is unique on the market and consists of two Pick PSA anchor devices and two Helixon-S fall arresters.
  • Pick Out: The Pick Out is an extension of the Pick load lifting device and enables loads to be unhooked quickly and safely at dizzying heights.

Lifting gear: fast and efficient lifting of heavy wooden parts

The SIHGA® Pick is suitable for quick and efficient lifting of wooden parts - whether on the face side, panel side or cross-wood side. The great thing about it is that the system works fully mechanically. The Pick was developed, patented and manufactured in Austria. Thanks to its sophisticated design and top quality, the system can handle a load of up to 1,250 kilograms and a total of up to 20,000 lifting operations with each attachment point.

Advantages of the SIHGA® Pick load lifting device

The load handling device is versatile and impresses with its simple and safe assembly. The well thought-out handling and functionality make the Pick an efficient working tool on any construction site. Compared to disposable solutions, the load lifting device from SIHGA® guarantees a long service life and thus offers a decisive advantage in terms of sustainability.
The benefits at a glance:
  • versatile use
  • easy and safe assembly
  • sophisticated handling and functionality
  • long service life
  • sustainable
SIHGA® tip: The system was supported by the TÜV and thus has the highest level of safety. Nevertheless, in case of frequent use, we recommend an annual ultrasound check by an independent testing institute. This ensures the integrity and safety of the Pick system.

Fastening of the SIHGA® Pick load handling device

The Pick is supplied in a practical system case containing all the necessary tools. It includes two Picks, two shackles and the Pick drill HMB. To attach to the wooden loads, the Pick load handling device must be sunk into the drill hole up to the stop of the base ring. Only a blind hole with a diameter of 50 millimetres and a depth of 70 millimetres is required. The advantage is the visual quality of the surfaces is not impaired, and no fastening screws are required.

Fall protection: for safe working at height

Working at height harbours major accident potential on a construction site. Especially at low heights, the risk of danger is often underestimated. Fall protection such as a handrail, a working platform, scaffolding or safety netting can be a first safety measure. If local conditions do not permit the installation of these systems, personal protective equipment against falls from a height can prevent falls and save lives. This includes safety helmets, safety glasses, hearing protection, respirators, safety shoes, protective clothing, safety harnesses, life jackets, etc.
Protective equipment aims to prevent or mitigate an individual person from falling. Depending on the area of application, the choice of the appropriate system is key here. For low heights, among other things, the fall arresters can be used as they brake a fall quickly and safely.

SIHGA® Pick PSA as a supplement to personal protective equipment

The Pick PSA from SIHGA® supplements the worker's existing personal protective equipment with simple and flexible fall protection. The securing system can be installed in the existing drilled holes in beam ceilings, timber girders or cross-laminated timber elements and connected to a fall arrester. This reduces the risk of a fall and protects workers from accidents. Tested by the independent Austrian group TÜV Austria, the Pick PSA guarantees superlative quality and maximum safety.
This easy-to-assemble system eliminates the need to erect and dismantle costly scaffolding. This means that working at height is not only less risky, but can also be done more efficiently and with greater flexibility. Due to several available anchorage points, the fall protection system allows individual rope lengths, doing away with the need for time-consuming tidying and untangling of the ropes.

SIHGA® Pick Engel® as a product combination with a system

Especially for heights over 2 metres, SIHGA® presents the tested product combination Pick Engel®. This system includes two Pick PSA anchorage devices and two Helixon-S fall arresters. The Pick PSA is connected to a fall arrester and the double anchor points eliminate a possible pendulum effect. Together with a suitable safety harness, injuries due to a fall can be effectively avoided.

Advantages of the Pick PSA & Pick Engel® fall protection system

  • quickly installed and dismantled
  • flexible to use
  • high level of safety for workers
  • supports rapid and smooth construction progress
  • unlimited freedom of movement
  • saves time and money

Load unhooking: easy unhooking of wooden parts with the Pick Out

The Pick Out is the latest system from SIHGA® and represents an extension of the Pick load handling device. This newly developed system enables loads to be unhooked quickly and safely at height. Thanks to the semi-automated release process, the lifting system can be removed from the load in an uncomplicated manner and the risk of injury to workers when removing the load handling device is significantly reduced. The load is removed simply by the skill of the crane operator, considerably shortening the removal time.

Advantages of the SIHGA® Pick Out

  • loads can be unhooked quickly and safely
  • reduced risk of injury for workers
  • reduced turnaround time
  • no personnel required for removal

Frequently asked questions about load lifting equipment and fall protection:

Load lifting equipment is understood to incorporate working equipment such as ropes, chains, lifting slings, round slings and other connecting parts with which the load can be connected to a lifting device such as a crane.

The Pick is suitable for lifting cross-laminated timber, glulam and solid timber - regardless of whether it be on the face side, panel side or cross-wood side. As the Pick is the base product, it can be used with other products in the Pick family as a load-lifting device or fall protection.

Fall protection is any practice or precaution designed to prevent injury due to a fall. This is used where there is a fall height with possible potential for injury.

Especially on construction sites, there are often elevated workplaces such as on the roof. But even at low heights, the risk of injury should not be underestimated. The workplace should therefore always be designed to minimise the risk of falling. Appropriate fall protection and personal protective equipment are designed for this purpose.

Fall protection includes technical and collective safety measures such as handrails, lifting platforms, scaffolding and safety nets. If it is not possible to install these systems, personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from height can also provide the safety required.