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SIHGA® tip
In combination with the SIHGA® Pick, the system offers maximum safety and efficiency and elements can be lifted with twice the weight as before
The Pocket Traverse is a traverse with a small format
It is easily transportable and therefore also readily available

Couples two load handling attachments with each other
By coupling two load handling attachments, twice the load can be lifted
Specialist geometry
The patent-pending geometry guarantees equal load distribution on each anchor point for lifting angles between 0° and 45°
The Pocket Traverse can also be used as a balancing rocker
When lifting 4 strands, e.g. ceiling elements, all four chain strands can be assumed to have the same load-bearing capacity
Chains with shortening claws
The Pocket Traverse can also be used correctly with challenging geometries
2,500 kg load capacity
When using 2 Pocket Traverses, elements up to 5,000 kg can be lifted up
Long service life
Up to 16,000 load cycles
Annual inspection together with personal safety equipment in accordance with the Work Equipment Ordinance
CE marking
Provides security through conformity with all relevant standards

The SIHGA Pocket Traverse

Facilitates the lifting of large-format components

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