Facade fixing invisible

Invisible facade fixings are a modern and innovative solution for fixing facades reliably and securely without spoiling the visual appearance with visible screws or nails. However, the invisible fixing is not only a visually appealing solution, but it also extends the life of the facade, as the wood is not damaged and the screws are protected from the weather. SIHGA® therefore presents various types of invisible facade fixing for a wide range of applications in timber construction.
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Fixings for wooden facades: invisible, reliable and safe

There are different methods for fixing wooden facades, but only the invisible facade fixing from SIHGA® combines an attractive appearance with a wide range of applications and also ensures a long service life for the facade.
No matter which invisible fixing system from SIHGA® you choose, the system screws and facade clips are always concealed, offering numerous advantages. In combination with the matching spacers, you can install your facade quickly and evenly while maintaining the distance required from the substructure for ventilation.

SenoFix® for invisible facade construction

With SenoFix®, SIHGA® offers a new system for the visually attractive and precise fixing of wooden planks to facades. The fixing mechanism is made of reinforced SIHGAMID® and is therefore permanently heat, frost and UV-resistant.
The integrated spreading mechanism and the automatic connector height create an even joint pattern and the facade is sufficiently ventilated. This facade fixing also ensures that the facade boards are stabilised and that temperature- and moisture-related swelling and shrinkage processes of the wood are compensated. The service life of the facade cladding is thus significantly extended.
Additional spacers, clamps, straps or other tools are not needed for assembly. Everything needed for fixing, such as the SIHGAFIX® stainless steel, all fixing screws and the mounting instructions are included with the product.
SIHGA® tip: Secure your facade planks with our BohrFix® FB 4.2 x 43.

RomboFix® RF: facade fixing invisibly screwed

This invisible facade fixing system from SIHGA® is based on experience gained from more than 150,000 m² of invisibly screwed facades. RomboFix® RF is made of SIHGAMID® and is therefore extremely break-resistant, heat, frost and UV-resistant and is ideally suited for rhombus mouldings made of wood, modified wood and WPC. Because this fixing is not visibly screwed, the surface of the wood remains unharmed and a visually appealing appearance is created. The distance to the substructure is automatically maintained and the visible gap distance is created evenly for simplified installation.
SIHGA® tip: RomboFix® RF also fixes privacy screen elements, fences, balconies and facings easily and precisely.

Invisible facade fixing with FassadenClip® FCS

Another option for the invisible fixing of facades are the SIHGA® FassadenClips® FCS. This patented facade fixing is also screwed invisibly and can be installed easily, flexibly and without auxiliary tools. There are two screw points per FassadenClip® in the facade plank. This provides the same stability as a visible screw connection and avoids warping of the timbers.
These clips are suitable for all types of wood with a profile height of 57-95 mm, and both rhombus and rectangular profiles can be professionally fixed with them. Due to the automatic distance to the substructure, the facade is perfectly ventilated and the timbers can dry well. The wood is screwed from behind and thus remains unharmed on all visible surfaces. Direct weather impact can be reduced and the life of the facade extended.

The universal joint spacer for facades FugiFix® FF

With the universal joint spacer from SIHGA®, a joint width of 8 mm can easily be created. Made of SIHGAMID®, the fibreglass- reinforced plastic, this spacer is extremely heat, frost and UV-resistant. The FugiFix® FF cannot fall down and can be easily removed again.

Frequently asked questions about invisible facade fixings:

Invisible facade fixing systems are usually secured to the wall using special dowels, screws or anchoring systems. It is important that the fixing systems are attached in a stable and secure manner.

With invisible facade fixing, the planks are screwed underneath, which protects the screws from the weather and does not damage the wood on the visible surface. This prolongs the durability of the entire facade. The invisible fixing also ensures a particularly aesthetically pleasing appearance.