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SIHGA® tip
The fixing screws for the respective substrate must be ordered separately.
Connectors for façade slats on different substructures
Whether wood, steel or concrete, the connector can be fastened to almost any substrate
Node connection made of two identical parts (1 connection consists of 2 pieces)
Can be pre-assembled without confusion and on the slat in the factory
The first connector on the market that enables the simple and cost-efficient installation of  wooden slats
Quick and visually very appealing way to mount wooden slats on façades
Thanks to the ingenious coupling of the connectors by means of a locking screw, LamellenFix mounted in series are loaded equally
The LamellenFix has a high assembly tolerance, as the connection can be made perfectly even with a layer difference (in a longitudinal direction) of up to 8 mm
The geometry of the connector profile ensures that the water drains off quickly
Structural wood protection was always taken into account in the development and thus offers a long construction service life
Developed, patented and manufactured in Austria
Highest European quality and added value
Statically loadable in five directions
horizontally, vertically and under tension with high tested static values
Made of aluminium under monitoring and anodised
Durable, dimensionally stable quality, rust-free
All enclosed screws in stainless steel
Approved for use in NKL 3
Includes SIHGAFIX® and assembly instructions
Time-saving, practical, precise; All accessories are included
The secure connector for achitecturally and statically demanding louvre facades

SIHGA LamellenFix

New connector from Sihga for time-saving assembly of wooden slats

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