ProziFix® wall anchors from SIHGA®

ProziFix® wall anchors from SIHGA®

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ProziFix® wall anchors from SIHGA®

Attachments to the building envelope must be fixed permanently so as not to be a source of danger. The choice of the appropriate anchoring depends above all on the external wall construction. SIHGA® has developed the ProziFix® wall anchor for the secure fixing of cantilevered timber construction elements in vertically perforated brick.

The ProziFix® offers an innovative solution for fixing car ports, canopies and pergolas to bricks. With its special design consisting of an anchor pipe and internal pipe insulation, the wall anchor not only ensures high load transfer, but also reliably minimises heat loss. In the system with the appropriate drill, the ProziFix® enables simple installation and secure fastening in timber construction.

ProziFix® wall anchors for safe and easy installation

The anchor is available in a diameter of 50 millimetres and in various lengths from 190 to 400 millimetres. All materials required for installation are supplied by SIHGA®.

Advantages of the ProziFix® wall anchor in timber construction

The ProziFix® is an innovative wall anchor for vertically perforated bricks that offers several advantages in timber construction. Consisting of an anchor pipe with SC9 coating, the anchor ensures high corrosion protection. SIHGA® fastening solutions also work as a system: this means that the products can be combined and complement each other perfectly. This ensures simple, safe and time-saving assembly on the construction site.

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In combination with the brick, the ProziFix® holds canopies and pergolas steady. The perfect protection for wind and weather.

Advantages of the ProziFix® wall anchor in timber construction

No laborious cutting out of thermal insulation required

The load transfer cannot be achieved with any other commercially available system

Very low heat loss

The sealing disc re-seals the façade

SC9 coating ensures long service life

No additional material required

Time-saving, practical and precise

All accessories are provided

Assembly of canopies, carports and pergolas

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Areas of application for the ProziFix® wall anchor

With the ProziFix® wall anchor from SIHGA®, car ports, canopies and pergolas made of wood can be securely fastened to the exterior wall construction made of vertically perforated bricks.

How it works

A 50 millimetre hole in the masonry is required for the installation of the ProziFix® wall anchor. For this purpose, SIHGA® provides the special ProziFix® drill, which cuts the hole precisely and without damaging the brick. First, the screening sleeve is placed in the wall and the front section of the ProziFix® is treated with BeziFee® to create a secure connection. The ProziFix® wall connector is then inserted into the hole and fixed in place by the adhesive, which at the same time protects the vertically perforated brick from cracking. The masonry is then sealed with the sealing disc to make it driving rain-proof. Finally, the disc dowel is installed, which can provide a rear ventilation gap of between 0 and 6 mm:

  • For un-roofed structures, a six millimetre gap should be left between the wall and the disc dowel to allow the wood to dry.
  • This is not required for roofed constructions.


The ProziFix® wall anchor bridges up to 200 millimetres of thermal insulation and thus saves time and material during installation. The anchor can also withstand a load of 1.80 kilonewtons – with conventional solutions, this value is only around 0.4 kilonewtons.


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Frequently asked questions about the ProziFix® wall anchor:

A wall anchor - also called a wall connector or wall tie - is a fastening solution for anchoring components to the exterior wall of a building. It is used to securely and permanently connect the timber components to the masonry, thus ensuring a stable construction.

A wall anchor works by creating a strong connection between a component made of wood and the vertically perforated brick. For this purpose, the anchor is embedded in the masonry and anchored. The ProziFix® from SIHGA® works like a dowel anchor. A hole is drilled into the masonry and the anchor is inserted. By inserting the screen sleeve and using a special adhesive, the wall anchor is securely fixed in the masonry. Then the component, e.g. a wooden beam, is attached to the anchor.

The ProziFix® wall anchor is used when cantilevered timber construction elements such as car ports, canopies or pergolas need to be securely fastened to vertically perforated brickwork. It is particularly suitable for use in vertically perforated bricks and provides a stable connection between the masonry and the timber component. The anchoring ensures that the components do not become a source of danger and that a secure and permanent connection with the building envelope is established. It can be used in both new buildings and renovations. Thanks to its special design, the ProziFix® wall anchor ensures a high load transfer and minimises heat loss at the same time.