product information

SIHGA® tip
The special ProziFix® drill PFB 50 was developed to make the 50 mm hole, as it cuts a clean hole in brick without shattering the brick. Threaded rod is not included.
wall anchors for vertically perforated brick
assembly of canopies, carports and pergolas
bridges up to 20 cm insulation
no cumbersome cutting out of insulation necessary
high load-bearing capacity
cannot be achieved with any other customary system
internal pipe insulation
very low heat loss
including sealing disc
reseals the facade
0-6 mm rear ventilation joint
for pergolas that are not covered and so on, a distance of 6 mm should be selected so that the wood can dry, no spacing for covered construction
disc dowels included
for optimal cross shear force transmission, Reinforcement of the embedment strength
anchor pipe with high corrosion resistance
SC 9 coating means high service life
BeziFee® is included
no additional material required
developed and manufactured in Austria
time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories included