product information

SIHGA® tip
In order to protect visible surfaces and built-in window elements on the Pick Out, we recommend the use of guide cords, which are manually guided from below, thus avoiding uncontrolled swaying of the crane chains.
developed, patented and manufactured in Austria
the highest Austrian quality and added value
is an extension for the Pick load handling device
mounts quickly and easily onto your existing picks
the Pick Out removes the pick from the load without the use of personnel
no one has to climb on the component to remove the pick
only the skill of the crane operator removes the pick
suspending a load at dizzying heights is a thing of the past
the removal time of the picks is drastically shortened
saves time and money
elastic bands pull the Pick Out including pick upwards as quickly as possible
the swinging of the load handling attachments after unhooking is greatly minimised and thus ensures high safety
the Pick Out is a purely mechanical component
no electronics -> therefore no empty batteries, no reception problems
annual inspection together with personal safety equipment is possible as per the work equipment directive
tested safety - development was accompanied by the TÜV
avoidance of safety risks, corresponds to the latest state of the technological art
has been tested by SIHGA clients
field reports provide certainty about function and suitability
supplied in a high-quality system case
accessories and operating instructions are placed in a foam inlay, Pick Outs are accommodated even with mounted picks