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two Pick Max® and shackle, Pick Max® Drill HMB, IdeFix® Drill Gauge IBG, 1 set HMB spare indexable inserts with screws and Allen keys and operating instructions are supplied in the System Kit
reliable and clean storage including all accessories 
operating instructions stored in the lid
load values and safety conditions always to hand 
Pick Max® Drill HMB with optimised geometry for clean drilling in the glue laminate timber, glued cross laminate timber and solid timber
for seamless use of the Pick in the drilled hole, the best precondition for safe lifting 
Pick Max® Drill HMB made from high quality steel with exchangeable tungsten carbide indexable inserts
for continuous use of the drill with uniform quality of the drilled hole standing times (costly crane hours!) for sharpening the drill are superfluous 
Pick Max® Drill HMB with threaded bit
independent retraction of the drill without the application of force, guaranteed centring with different grain directions 
including IdeFix® Drill Gauge IBG
easy, safe compliance with the drill depth against unintended drilling through, chippings collection, protection of the drill and against injuries

SIHGA Pick Max

Lastaufnahmemittel Pick Max von Sihga für Holzbauelemente

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