product information

SIHGA® tip
For manual drilling, we recommend the IdeFix® Drill Gauge IBL with drill. For subsequent application of paving or the like, we recommend applying additional corrosion ­protection to the support foot in the affected area.
integrated inclination compensation of up to ±5° in all directions
surface unevenness and slopes can be compensated for in an aesthetically pleasing and structurally correct manner
two-part system with a short retraction path
very simple assembly, height adjustable when assembled
a range of variants and additional drill bores in the base plate
allows individual anchoring and unimpeded 90° drilling
high corrosion and spray water protection
permissible for use in areas exposed to weather (Usage Class (NKL) 3)
durable wood connection
structural wood protection keeps surfaces free of damage
takes up to 89.09 kN compressive force, 29 kN tensile force, and 3.25 kN transverse force per attachment point
the durable, reliable connection with great load capacity
individual connection to wood with IdeFix® or GoFix®
the world‘s only product with a three-dimensional, standard-compliant screw connection and the approved end grain screw ensure safety
punching pin for end grain screws
for one-man installation
IdeFix® Drill Gauge IBG
for efficient, angular drilling, including on site
including SIHGAFIX®, GoFix® HK or GoFix® S+ screws and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise, including all accessories