product information

SIHGA® tip
Ensure correct drill diameter and drill quality, the drill is therefore enclosed. Tangential impact wrench recommended for processing.
fastens in concrete without dowels
optimal for fastening close to edges, no splitting effect
easy push-through installation
saves a great deal of time because the BeziFix® Anchor ZF/ZS/ZSS is only pushed through the part to be anchored
drill hole diameter smaller than with expansion anchors
also saves lots of installation time
sawtooth thread in the front
are a makes it easy to screw into the pre-drilled concrete
just tighten by hand to achieve the full load-bearing capacity
does not need a torque wrench
approved with grades C 20/25 to C 50/60 in cracked and non-cracked concrete
there are few restrictions on the application, gives security
includes installation instructions and Stabebo® SDS drill with four-edged geometry specially for reinforced concrete
time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed
design values
SIHGA® performs the calculation for you
BeziFix® Anchor ZF with counter-sunk head and Torx drive
Bezifix® Anchor ZS with hex head
BeziFix® Anchor ZSS with hex head and washer DIN 440

ensures optimum force transfer when screwed in