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SIHGA® tip
IdeFix® IFD for even higher tensile loads with double the number of screws. For drilling by hand, we recommend the IdeFix® Drill Gauge IBL with drill. Always drill through holes for the threaded screws from the IdeFix® side.
even in end-grain wood, IdeFix® IF transfers extremely high tensile and shearing (transverse) forces, up to 101.6 kN per fastening point
the heavy load connection with small space requirement and small axial and edge distances
three-dimensional load attachment through geometry and 45° screw connection for normal and angled connections
the range of applications for wood construction is almost unlimited
for horizontal connections, vertical connections, angled connections, multiple connections in single and multiple rows
IdeFix® IF is the ideal problem solver - even for grain-cut connections
integrated anti-rotation lock
thanks to the geometry, rotation of the timber, for example columns, is prevented; during installation it automatically presses into the wood being connected
can be re-tightened at any time through metric internal thread M 12, M 16, M 20
IdeFix® IF can be re-tightened when installed
installed invisibly
perfect look and high fire protection advantage
enables small edge and axial distances
allows the simple installation of multiple IdeFix® IF
modular construction, also for multiple use possible
connection can be loosened and fixed as often as required, ideal for seasonal (temporary) buildings
can also be installed as pin attachment, including anti-rotation lock
the wood being connected also has to be drilled; minimises the weakening of timber despite the pin attachment
easy installation, only insert in hole with 30, 40 or 50 mm diameter and depth
this drilling can be performed in the factory or on-site
tensile force may be statically combined with transverse force
a major and simple security advantage, also with angled connections
includes SIHGAFIX®, GoFix® HK screws and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed
design values
SIHGA® performs the calculation for you


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