product information

SIHGA® tip
When used in combination with woods that contain a lot of tannins (e. g. cumaru, oak, robinia, ­ garapa, …) we recommend Alu-TeFix® in A2.
Alu-TeFix® in A2 fastens wood on aluminium (except SymbioFix® SFT) 2-3 mm without predrilling
prevents the formation of cracks or splitting in almost all hardwood and thermo-wood; saves working time 
Alu-TeFix® made of hardened steel fastens wood on TefaFix® T/F without predrilling and countersinking
as TefaFix® absorbs the axial movement from ­swelling and shrinking of the wood, there is no ­danger of breakage
SIHGA® drill wings with special shape
pre-drills the boards at 6 mm and prevents lifting of the board while screwing; drilling wings break off when penetrating into the aluminium
SIHGA® further-developed multi-stage head
no displacement or chipping of the wood due to an extra thin head and saw tooth corrugation
in combination with KompeFix® II KF on con­ventional aluminium and in combination with TefaFlex® T/F on TefaFix® T/F the perfect solution
increases the lifetime of the wood and the screw
including SIHGAFIX® stainless steel, Systemstift® and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise; all accessories are included
HFA inspected in combination with TefaFix® and larch