product information

SIHGA® tip
To extend the life of timber constructions, we recommend using KompeFix® II KF and ­noting the design recommendations.
fastens all types of wood, even when exposed to salt and chlorine
special drill bit prevents the substructure from splitting
drill bit with special shape
prevents cracks in the wood
made from stainless steel A4
fastens without rusting, also in acidic woods and when exposed to salt and chlorine
material highly resistant to corrosion
optimally suited for use close to the pool surround
multi-stage head with small head diameter of 8.5 mm
elegant look, non-cutting screwing
including SIHGAFIX® stainless steel, Systemstift® and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed; SIHGAFIX® stainless steel prevents rust from external sources and also enables screwing into deep grooves