product information

SIHGA® tip
Remove the screw in aluminium substructure, drill out the aluminium by using the HSS driller 8.5 mm and refix the board by using the Rest-X®-thread insert together with the screw.
with Rest-X®, it is possible to repair individual broken screws WITHOUT having to extensively dismantle the terrace
the new screw can be screwed STRAIGHT into the old drill hole
1 Rest-X® set can repair 100 damaged screws without the need for replacing any parts of the terrace decking
works with both wood and aluminium sub-structures
only one replacement screw is required for each defective screw when repairing wooden sub-structures
Rest-X® is suitable for stainless steel screws of Ø 5 mm and Ø 5.5 mm (by all manufacturers)
incl. SIHGAFIX®, hole saw, screw extractor and HSS drill
one set – countless applications