The SIHGA Pocket Traverse

Facilitates the lifting of large-format components
Trusses are always used when loads have to be suspended over a certain width and then transported. The focus is not only on stability, but also on safety. Sihga GmbH from Gmunden in Upper Austria has developed the Pocket Truss, an accessory in a particularly small format. It is easy to transport and offers optimized load distribution. In this way, the product supports a smooth construction process.

Whether on the construction site or in the workshop: In the construction industry, bulky loads often have to be moved at airy heights. Safety is an important issue here. After all, working with heavy components in particular increases the risk of accidents for those involved. With the Pocket Traverse and the Pick System from Sihga, even large parts - made of wood, for example - can be safely transported to their destination.

Special geometry 

The Pocket Traverse is a practical tool in a smart format - easily transportable and available everywhere. The weight is 16.5 kilograms. The beam is 652 millimeters long, and the length of the two 1-strand chain slings is 1,000 millimeters. The special, patented geometry guarantees equal load distribution to each attachment point at lifting angles between 0 and 45 degrees. Shortening claws on the chains allow the system to be used correctly and safely even with demanding geometries.

Wide range of uses 

In application, the lifting beam enables uniform load distribution for vertical lifting and lowering. It is used both in halls and outdoors. This is because the operating and storage temperature ranges from minus 20 to plus 80 degrees Celsius. By coupling two load handling devices, double the load can be lifted without any problems. The maximum load capacity of a lifting beam is 2,500 kilograms. If two lifting beams are combined, elements weighing up to 5,000 kilograms can be lifted. In addition, Sihga's pocket lifting beam can also be used as a balancing rocker. When lifting four strands - for example, ceiling elements - all four chain strands can be used as equally load-bearing. The product is characterized by a long service life, which includes up to 16,000 load cycles. At the same time, the lifting beam requires little maintenance. An annual inspection is carried out in accordance with the Work Equipment Ordinance. The CE marking provides safety through conformity with all relevant standards.

Combined with Sihga Pick 

The new crosshead complements the existing Sihga product portfolio. It is ideal for use in combination with the Sihga Pick. The load handling device is specially designed for lifting cross laminated timber, glulam and solid timber. It can be attached in just a few steps. If the Pocket Traverse is also used, elements with double the weight can be lifted. This not only simplifies the handling of timber components on the construction site. The entire handling becomes more efficient and at the same time safer for everyone involved.

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3 July 2023