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SIHGA® tip
Pick Deck closes the borehole, e.g. for sound insulation and fire protection requirements. Detailed load tables for different wood dimensions and load cases can be found in the Pick operating.
load attachment for lifting glued laminated timber, glued cross laminate timber and solid timber
capacity up to 1250 kg per fastening point
made, developed and patented in Austria from high-quality steel
local quality and reliability, Q&T steel for permanent, robust long life lift
by drilling a blind hole (Ø 50 mm, depth 70 mm)
visible quality of the surfaces is not impaired, no fastening screws needed
Pick Drill HMB can be combined with the IdeFix® Drill Gauge IBG
easy, safe compliance with the drill depth, precise drilling at 90°
safe and simple attachment
attached with a few actions, the attachment does not have to be aligned
versatile in application
on the back (from panel thickness of 90 mm), side and transom-side for all kinds of support
annual test together with personal protective equipment according to Occupational Health and Safety Directive possible
long service life
16,000 load cycles (according to EN 13155:2020)
safety tested – accompanied by TÜV
avoidance of safety risks, diverse application areas and ambient conditions tested
Now NEW: Ultrasonic inspection for your SIHGA PICK
annual safety assessment according to the operating instructions, including ultrasonic testing
Now NEW: SIHGA Pick calculation in hsbcad
to make planning and use even easier and safer, the SIHGA Pick lifting system was fully implemented in hsbcad for HRW and BSP
Important note: The drill hole must not be used for lifting more than six times.


Sustainable without loss of quality

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