SIHGA LamellenFix

New connector from Sihga for time-saving assembly of wooden slats

With LamellenFix, Sihga GmbH from Gmunden in Upper Austria now presents a connector for the efficient assembly of wooden facade lamellas. It offers high tolerance and safety during assembly. In the development of the product, particular emphasis was placed on easy handling and structural wood protection. The system is suitable for different substrates and can therefore be used flexibly. 

The method of installation has a significant influence on the aesthetics of lamella facades made of wood. To ensure a visually appealing result and efficient installation at the same time, Sihga has now developed the "LamellenFix" connector. It enables time-saving and at the same time precise work. The product innovation is based on a node connection consisting of two identical parts, so that the connector can be pre-assembled on the wooden slat in the factory without confusion and easily. This enables a shorter assembly time on the construction site.

Safe system

The sophisticated coupling by means of a thread-cutting screw allows uniform loading of the assembled connectors. In addition, the product has a high assembly tolerance, as the connection can be made perfectly even if there is a layer difference of up to eight millimeters in the longitudinal direction. LamellenFix can also withstand static loads in five directions. Even the smallest version with a length of 80 millimeters can withstand a vertical load of 250 kilograms per connector. The special geometry of the connector profile also ensures safety and a long service life. This allows water to run off quickly and thus ensures structural wood protection. Another factor: LamellenFix can be easily dismantled and recycled, thus meeting the demand for a deconstructable construction. 

Concealed fastening 

In architecture, fastening systems that are visually invisible are preferred. LamellenFix is mounted on the back of the façade lamella and is therefore not visible from the front. The wooden lamella is spaced 20 millimeters from the wall or substructure and appears to float. 

Easy to install, matching the substructure 

LamellenFix is suitable for different substructures such as wood, steel or concrete. Thus, the appropriate screws can be ordered from Sihga according to the respective material - for example, "concrete anchors" for use on concrete as well as custom-made, self-tapping sheet metal screws for steel substructures. In addition, Sihga offers a mounting template that significantly facilitates rational and precise mounting on the lamella and the substructure.

5 July 2023