product information

SIHGA® tip
For higher adjustment ranges we recommend JustiFix® II JK H.
height-adjustable distance between substructure made from wood and any foundation
this adjustable foot saves up to 50 % working time compared to individual solutions, the substructure remains dry and the terrace breathes
made in Austria
top European quality and added-value
upper section for wood substructure
versatile, the wood substructure is simply fastened to the side of the upper section
30 to 50 mm height adjustment
only ONE model for the entire range
integrated level equaliser
evens out slopes of up to 3 %
monitored production from polypropylene, with a special recipe
remains permanently dimensionally stable, is heat-, frost- and UV-resistant
base plate with diameter 210 mm and rounded edge
large supporting surface, also for unpaved subsoil, rounded standing areas to protect the underlying films
load capacity per piece 6.0 kN
quantity calculation: approx. 4 units/m²
includes installation instructions
for professional and practical work without lost time