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SIHGA® tip
Stegsan®, the easy, quick and reliable method for renovating lake walkways or jetties; the environment is best protected here, while planning permission is made easier.
walkway renovation system for wooden posts, stakes (Stegsan® RV)
the defective piece of wood between the water and air is simply replaced; extensive cost-savings
walkway renovation system for beams (Stegsan® BA) to wooden posts, stakes
the beam is permanently, quickly, securely and easily connected to the wooden post, stakes
developed, patented and made in Austria
local quality and added-value
special coupling system for pre-installation in the factory
saves lots of time
angled screw connection in end-grain wood
transfers high forces, especially for loads on the walkway from boats or waves
anti-rotation lock enclosed (Stegsan® VS)
the anti-rotation lock against unintended loosening is easily screwed to the side on-site
includes SIHGAFIX® stainless steel, GoFix® HKE stainless steel screws and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed
made from aluminium
for permanent fastening, even under water
can be removed at any time
can always be reused
calculation values
SIHGA® performs the calculation for you