product information

SIHGA® tip
Use GoFix® MS II for simple positioning and location security of the brackets. It is also possible to assemble the supports first; then place the beams from above and screw them into place.
connection system for rigid frame corners
individual application for small wooden frames up to large halls
includes wooden elements (glued laminated timber) depending on requirement, made in Austria
dimensions, drill holes and GoFix® X+ screws as required
tested suitability
transfers both horizontal and vertical forces, depending on individual loading moment
uncomplicated rapid installation of the screws under 45° and suitable distances through pre-drilled timber
no grounds for mistakes or time losses, correct placement and guidance of the screws is given
no steel parts
no fire protection coating or welding required, aesthetically pleasing due to wooden connection
space-saving connection
no connection parts on top or inside
economical system
low costs due to prefabrication, prices on inquiry
system supply incl. pre-drilled wooden elements, GoFix® X+, SIHGAFIX®, Systemstift® and installation instructions
time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed, the tailored system for rapid installation
statics tested by civil engineer
SIHGA® performs the calculation for you, simply fill in the form, example calculations are provided
individual dimension
SIHGA® will do the calculation for you, simply fill out the checklist
universal dimensioning
application for 2 or 3 articulated frames
verifiable, transparent dimensioning
safety in your projects