product information

SIHGA® tip
For your safety, use the combination exclusively with the Pick PSA.
tested product combination to protect in case of low height falls
also safeguard yourself and your employees from an often underestimated low height fall of ≥2.00 m
applicable as a safety team: two Pick PSA and two Helixon-S height protection devices tested as a system
reliable and immediately useable fall protection
versatile in use
applicable when erecting construction elements, placing ceiling elements and various loading activities
simple and safe installation
the worker is protected with fewer handgrips
Helixon-S safety equipment for heights, with FA 50 203 20 connecting element including fall indicator, a carry handle and an external fall impact absorber
safety equipment for heights ready to use, all important functions are integrated
integrated braking system for a collision force of less than 6kN Swivel hook and connecting element FA 50 101 17 to attach to the Pick PSA
Helixon-S safety equipment for heights conformity with EN 360:2002
high load-bearing capacity possible
tested for up to 100 kg body weight