product information

SIHGA® tip
With BeziFix® SR II on natural stone and GoFix® S + screws also for fixing on wooden background. To prevent pressing in the wood we recommend an additional support reinforcement.
fastenings for fence and railing posts
quick, simple and safe installation of posts
ideally suited for fences and privacy walls
offers extensive stability and bending stiffness
stepless and easily accessible incline adjustment up to 4 degrees in all directions
straight-lined, flush appearance of the posts without complex compensation panels, applicable to 15 cm concrete width
no slotting or milling necessary in the factory
simply fit the accessories supplied
no protruding steel plates, which need to be milled out with fence or balcony elements
plain and simple, aesthetically pleasing, can be (re-)adjusted at any time, no drill holes, pre-assembling possible
fastening into the posts only from below
no side insertion of screws necessary, which become an entry point for water
includes SIHGAFIX®, BeziFix® Anker ZF for timber on concrete or GoFix® S+ for timber on timber
time-saving (up to 70 %), practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed