product information

SIHGA® tip
For waterproofing testing use leak spray and an air pump.
fastening system for railing uprights on flat roof waterproofing
quick, simple and safe installation
ideally suited for railings and screening walls
offers extensive stability and bending stiffness
stepless and easily accessible inclination adjustment up to 4° in all directions
straight-lined, flush appearance of posts without complex compensation
pressing surface reinforcement using GoFix® S+
use on wood beams and solid wood ceilings and BSP systems
valve for leak testing
reliable connection and sealing, system can be serviced
combinable with various sealants
fastened to PVC, EPDM and even sheet metal
sealants are clamped-in
later installation in existing waterproofing also possible
including Pfalu®, SIHGAFIX®, GoFix® S+ and all seals
time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories included