Let´s grow together

Have you heard about the Sihga® Frieda? She is a great product - an Ecocube containing the seeds of a beautiful blue spruce. If our application specialist has not met you in person, you can find Frieda on your doorstep, ready to be planted and cared for by you. 

Sihga® Frieda is not just a simple plant. She is a sign of our shared commitment to the environment. Every tree planted helps protect our planet and make our world more sustainable. Now it's up to you to plant and lovingly care for Frieda. 

On the Frieda, you'll find a handy QR code that contains the contact information for your application specialist. The next time you visit, he/she will be happy to inquire about Frieda's well-being and provide you with valuable tips for her care. We are excited and look forward to sharing your experiences! Feel free to send us photos of Frieda growing and thriving. Because together, we can make a positive contribution to protecting our planet

So, what are you waiting for? Let's plant Frieda together and make the world a little greener! 

Here are the instructions for a successful planting: 
  • open the Ecocube and peel off the sticker slowly 
  • pour about 30ml of water into the Ecocube 
  • Place Ecocube in a bright, warm place and water moderately until germination (about 20ml about every 3 days). The granules should not dry out - avoid waterlogging! After about 10-14 days the SIHGA® Frieda will start to grow. Continue to water Ecocube only moderately. 
  • After about 8 months, the plant can be transplanted outdoors with the cup insert. The Ecocube can then be used as a pen holder. 
  •  If needed, the small homegrown tree can decorate the living room as a small Christmas tree after about 6-7 years.
1 August 2023